What Is The Name Of My Soulmate?

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Looking for your perfect match? The right question might be, “How do I figure out what letter my soulmate starts with?” Here’s how you can find yours!

The idea of finding your perfect match is a bit romantic and exciting, but in reality, it’s just one more thing on a list that already has a lot of things.

One of those things is figuring out which letter your soulmate starts with. Whether we’re talking about soul mates from ancient myths, modern-day couples, or our fantasies, most people believe that the key to happiness is finding someone who shares their initials or some other common attribute. As a result, many people have looked up their names online and tried to find their perfect match based on their first initials.

What Is Your First Initial?

As you probably know, there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, so there are over 2 million possible combinations of initials if you go through them all. Since this is not feasible (or even possible) for most people, they generally pick the first three letters of their last name (if they have one).

If you don’t want to make assumptions, you could also try looking up the first letter of their first name and the first letter of their last name, like “AJ” or “DZ.” However, this is still limited because there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, so it doesn’t consider any variations due to accents or spelling errors.

“I was trying to match up my friends’ initials to see whose would work best for me,” writes reader Ashley. “I came across a site listing every combination of two letters. So, I searched all my friends, found their full names, and then used the site to see which ones matched.”

This turned out to be very helpful for Ashley because she ended up matching her friend’s initials with hers. She says, “It wasn’t hard to figure out who had the same initials as me since I knew most of my friends well enough to know their middle initials and where their parents got married. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to match up everyone!”

How Do You Find a Match That Starts With A Number or an S?

Only four letters begin with numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4. In addition, six letters start with an S: S, Z, X, C, R, G, and H. So, that means that ten letters begin with either a number or an S. It might seem like a good place to start if you’re having trouble finding your perfect match, but it turns out that the chances of your ideal partner beginning with one of these letters are meager.

That being said, if you feel strongly about it, you can always ask around at your local coffee shop or bar and see if anyone is willing to share their initials with you. This can be extremely helpful for people who don’t have their real name memorized, as long as they remember the first few letters of their last name (or the first three letters of their first name).

Or Maybe Even Two Of Them Together

Let’s say you want to find a match that ends in a double consonant (two consonants together, like ss or tt). According to our previous article on letters, there are 13 distinct double consonants in the English language, so you’d need to look through 13 different notes to find your match. That’s not impossible, but it’s not something everyone wants to do.

On the other hand, only nine are available if you want to find a match that ends in a triple consonant (three consonants together, like sss or TTT). If you’re going to narrow it down, you can use the following letters as examples:

  • ss
  • st
  • tt
  • dd
  • gg
  • nn
  • RR

Let’s say you want to find a match that ends in a quadruple consonant (four consonants together, like ssss). Only eight remain, so the chances of getting your perfect match are pretty slim. On the plus side, however, you’ll have a unique and memorable name when you find your match.

When All Else Fails: Try These Other Letters And Combinations

For some reason, people think that the first three letters of their last name will give them the closest match for their soul mate. We’ve seen plenty of cases where people have gone through all 26 letters in the alphabet (even some that started with numbers). While it may seem crazy to go through all 26 letters, it’s worth noting that several combinations are unlikely ever to turn up.

Here are a few of the less popular combinations that you might run into:

  • HX
  • XX
  • ZZ
  • XY
  • YX
  • ZX

So, if you’re interested in narrowing it down, it might be a good idea to stick with the ones more likely to yield results. Plus, you never know when you might stumble across a rare combination that will help you find your perfect match.

Why Can’t You Ask For Their Zip Code?

Of course, another way to find your match is to find the zip code corresponding to each of your initials. We’ve all been there when someone asks us, “So, what’s your zip code?” and we respond with, “Oh, it’s…” Then we continue to explain why we’re unsure if we should tell them. While this method isn’t as reliable as an online database, it’s still better than nothing.

In addition, if you ever get tired of asking your friends for their zip codes, you can always try using sites like reverse phone lookup to find their exact addresses.

But Wait — There Are More Ways to Figure Out Which Letter They Have

Okay, so now that you know the basics, you might want to learn a couple of additional ways to figure out what letter your soulmate starts with.

If you’re ambitious, you could try doing a reverse phone lookup on some of your friends. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find their address without having to ask them for it. If you’re not so fortunate, you might need their zip code.

You could also check out this website called I Love My Last Name, which offers a service that allows you to enter your initials and see whether or not your perfect match exists within the database. As you can imagine, there’s no guarantee that this will work, but it’s fun to play around with.

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