What Is A Soulmate Friendship?

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If you’ve been single for a while, knowing what type of relationship is best can be hard. Here’s everything we think about soulmates and how they work.

The term ‘soulmate’ has become increasingly popular as many people seek someone to complete them. But what exactly does that mean?

For some people, the word soulmate describes their perfect partner – someone with whom they share common interests, values, and beliefs. Others believe that a soul mate completes us in all aspects of our lives – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.

Whatever your definition, there is one thing that most experts agree on – finding a soulmate should be something worth striving for. After all, no one gets into this situation by chance alone. 

So whether you’re still searching for Mr or Ms. Right, or have already found your special someone, here’s everything you need to know about soulmate relationships.

The Right Person

Soulmate relationships aren’t just about finding someone who complements you perfectly. They also require that both partners be attracted to each other from the beginning.

In fact, according to Loveology, if one person isn’t attracted to the other, they won’t last long in a committed relationship.

However, not everyone will immediately feel attracted to another person when first meeting them. That might even be considered a sign of a dysfunctional relationship in the future.

Of course, attraction doesn’t necessarily mean love. But if you’re feeling an instant connection with someone, that could indicate that your soulmate is waiting for you.

You’re Not Alone

While it’s easy to feel lonely when you’re single, you’re part of a much larger group than you may realize.

A recent study conducted by the UK’s University of East London revealed that more than half of all British adults experience loneliness at least once every week.

And the researchers concluded that people are likelier to be lonely when they’re single or in a relationship than when they’re married or widowed. 

Being single is quite normal, so you don’t need to worry too much if you don’t find anyone immediately. And even though you might feel lonely sometimes, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

It Pays To Be Patient

Most people enter a serious relationship after getting to know each other for several months or years. You might feel like it would be easier to find someone if you started dating sooner, but that strategy doesn’t usually pan out well.

As the psychologist and author Esther Perel said, “The longer we wait to start a life with somebody, the lonelier we get.”

That’s because time is a great healer. As you spend more time together, you learn more about each other and build trust. Eventually, you’ll have the opportunity to reveal your true self to your soulmate – and that’s when real feelings of intimacy begin to grow.

Don’t Wait For Love In Your 30s

It’s natural to want to fall head over heels in love as soon as possible. However, as you age, you’ll notice things change. You might become less interested in sex because your hormones change, and you might develop health problems or other issues preventing you from pursuing certain activities.

So while you may be able to date in your 20s and early 30s, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet the right person until you reach your 40s. And if you meet someone during those years, they likely are older than you.

That’s because the average age of marriage in the US is now 42, according to Pew Research Center. And while you’ve probably heard stories about couples marrying young (like Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas), marriage tends to happen later in life.

So if you wait to find your soulmate, you might miss out on having children, experiencing new adventures, and growing old together. Instead, you can enjoy these experiences while you’re still relatively young.

There Are No Rules Or Fairy Tales

Some people believe that soulmates exist because of specific laws of nature. Others say that soulmates are impossible because of the laws of science.

But regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, it’s safe to assume that the concept of soulmates isn’t based on any universal law. While it’s certainly possible that people with similar personality traits tend to pair up more frequently than others, there’s no scientific proof that this is the case.

Instead, the idea of soulmates likely comes from fairy tales and romantic comedies. If you’re looking for the perfect lover, you might be better off watching movies instead of reading books.

If They Can Make Us Laugh, Then We’ll Fall In Love

One of the reasons why so many people love romantic comedies is because they make us laugh. And that laughter often leads to other kinds, such as affection, love, and lust.

To attract someone, you should try to make them laugh. Of course, you don’t need to go overboard with jokes – you must ensure that your audience finds your humor funny.

Soul Mates Aren’t Always Lovers

Many people consider soul mates to be synonymous with lovers. And while that’s certainly possible, it’s not always the case.

According to Dr. Amy Muise, a licensed clinical professional counselor and writer, “soulmates” can refer to anything from a friend to a mentor to a parent figure. They can even include a teacher and a coach.

Dr. Muise believes that many people are afraid to look outside their current social circles because they’re worried they’ll lose friends if they pursue someone else. But this fear doesn’t hold water since you’ll only miss out on a few friends anyway. Plus, if two people are genuinely compatible, they’ll be able to form deeper bonds without losing friendships along the way.

Being Single Isn’t All Bad

Even though there’s nothing wrong with being single, there are benefits to being in that state. Here’s a list of ten advantages to living alone that you might not have realized until now.

You’ll Have More Time To Yourself

When you’re single, you’ll have more free time. You’ll be able to spend more quality time with yourself and explore different hobbies or interests without worrying about spending money on dates or trying to impress someone.

You Won’t Feel Lonely

Loneliness is one of the main reasons why people become depressed. According to the World Health Organization, depression affects 350 million people worldwide and is one of the leading causes of disability. But you won’t have to deal with this problem when you’re single. 

You’ll Have More Space To Grow

Since you won’t have any commitments, you’ll have more space to move around and take risks. This means that you’ll be able to explore new opportunities without worrying about how they affect your career or your plans.

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