What Does It Feel Like To Find Your Soulmate?

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Soul mates are the people we’re meant to be with, but what does it feel like when you find them? Here’s how one woman explains her experience of finding love again after a decade of being single.

It’s not easy to talk about love or the concept of soul mates because there is always an element of mystery surrounding them. Even when we think we have found our true soul mate, we often wonder if they know or understand that they are “the one for us.”

But what does it mean to have your true soul mate? And how do you get to this point? Let’s look at some answers and experiences from those who have found their true soul mates.

Finding Love Again

Carrie has been married five times (as she likes to joke). Her first marriage was to a man she met on a blind date. She had never dated before, nor did she plan on getting married, so when it happened, she was taken aback by the speed of the relationship. They got engaged after only two months of dating and were married less than three years later.

Her second husband was a real estate agent. He had just broken up with his girlfriend of ten years, so Carrie thought he would be the perfect catch since he was ready to move on and start over.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out either. They separated within a year and divorced after ten years together. Now Carrie is a single mother of four children.

She writes about her experiences as a single mom in her blog, entitled “Single Mom Dating Advice.” One of the topics she writes about is the difference between online dating sites and meeting someone in person.

Here’s how she describes her experience of finding love again after ten years of being single:

“I was so excited and happy to meet someone I finally liked enough to want to spend time with him that I was prepared to put in the effort to make sure he liked me back. I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t prepared for the effort needed to get to that point.”

The Experience Of Finding A True Partner For Life

When I asked Carrie to describe the difference between meeting someone on the internet versus meeting someone in person, she explained:

“When you meet someone face to face, you can see all the little things that may not show up in photos or on a profile. These things are important. How a person walks, how they smile, how they hold themselves, their body language is all small clues that reveal something about their personality.”

This made me wonder if other factors could influence whether someone feels right for you. And if so, what might these differences be?

How Do You Know When You Have Found The One?

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of the “perfect couple,” it seems odd that we don’t have more definitive ways to tell if someone is genuinely suitable for us. But maybe the answer is simply that we need to slow down and pay attention to the subtle signs.

Carrie says that once you know someone well, you notice these things. She points out that you shouldn’t expect to spot them immediately but rather develop a habit of looking carefully.

These include:

Body Language – which includes posture, eye contact, and gestures. Are they open and comfortable around you? Do they lean into conversations? Are they interested in you? Is their body language warm?

Intimacy – How do they touch you? Do they touch your hand? Put their arm around you? Or are they shy about touching you at all?

Physical Attraction – If you’re attracted to this person, you should be able to feel it. They probably aren’t beautiful if you’re nervous or uncomfortable around them. On the flip side, if you’re attracted to them, you may feel uneasy around other people. It’s hard to explain precisely why, but being around them doesn’t feel good.

Mental Attraction – This is something that goes beyond physical attraction. How quickly do you feel drawn to this person? If you think this way, they have a strong presence that draws you towards them. But if you believe nothing, you won’t feel anything for them.

Carrie said that you can also tell if they’re right for you based on how they treat others. You’ll know if they are kind, considerate, patient, funny, caring, and thoughtful.

Life After Finding My Soul Mate

When I talked to Carrie, she told me that being single again made her appreciate life more. She said she could enjoy simple pleasures like a coffee with a friend instead of trying to find a guy to go out with. She was happier spending time with her kids and enjoyed seeing them grow up.

Carrie says she has learned to be herself and live without worrying if someone else wants her. She finds that she can enjoy her life because she knows that no matter what happens, she will still be okay.

And as a result of her experiences, Carrie has written some advice for anyone looking for love. Her tips include:

Know yourself – Don’t try to change yourself to please a partner. Keep in mind that love isn’t a reward for making sacrifices. Just remember that you can’t force someone else to love you.

Don’t rush – Take your time and be patient. You won’t lose out on love if you wait until you’re older to find it.

Be yourself – Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Be honest about who you are; remember that honesty is the best policy. There may come a day when you need to hide parts of yourself, but not yet. Don’t lie about who you are.

Don’t judge – Accept that everyone makes mistakes. There’s no reason to believe another person. Everyone deserves forgiveness.

Give yourself space – Stay home if you don’t like going out tonight. If you don’t feel like going somewhere new, stick to places you already know. Permit yourself to enjoy yourself without worrying about what other people think.

So whether you’ve just started searching for your soul mate or been single for many years, there is hope for you. Remember that while you may not be able to control yourself if you find your soul mate, you can choose to be happy and enjoy life instead of waiting for your fate to be decided for you.

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