Talkia vs Speechelo – Text to Speech Review Comparison – Which is Best?

Talkia vs Speechelo text to speech software review comparison and walkthrough.

After uploading I realised I’d omitted some of the Talkia female voice languages from the comparison. They also include voices for Philippines / Slovakia / China / Netherlands / Turkey / Ukrine / Norway / Sweden / Mexico / Brazil, so 24 languages covered. Having said that, a lot of those voices don’t seem to pause after any of the punctuation, so not sure they’re very usable at the moment.
Also with Speechelo, you can listen to a sample of the Pro voices, by clicking the play button to the right of the voice name.

Speechelo $37 offer –


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Talkia or Speechelo, which is the best text-to-speech software for your video voiceovers hi, I’m Steve Adams from upfront info, and in this video I’ll, be comparing the two software programs I’ll be looking at what you get with the standard version of it, each I’ll be comparing the prices plus the quality and the variety of the voices I’ll then take you behind the scenes, so you can see both programs in action and I’ll play some of the voices, so you can judge how good you think they sound.

If you find this video useful I’d love to have you subscribe to my channel and ding the bell to get notified when I upload more videos in the future, okay, so which software is best Talkia or Speechelo? let’s start off by having a look at the costs for each now on Tokyo on their website, It’s $39 per month, if you buy it monthly or $20 a month if you pay annually, but they do have a special link where It’s available for one-off costs of $67 and with a $15 promo code that takes it down to $57, the software is available to download for both pc and mac, with Speechelo on the website, It’s at $47 and that’s just a one-off cost.

So There’s no monthly fee there for the standard version of speed cello, and I have seen a link for that for $37. The speech adder software runs within a browser, so again It’s available for both pc and mac. Now, with these special offers and promo codes, I won’t put the details of those in the video because they’re likely to change any point, but I’ll leave information in the description below where you can actually message me and I’ll. Let you know what the latest offers are available for both of those.

As far as the number of voices go within Talkia, you have 65 total voices, which is split 27 male 38 female and it actually covers 14 different languages. That you’ll see there on the screen. Now, with the standard version of Talkia, they concentrate a lot more on the English-speaking ones. So There’s a wider choice of English-speaking voices available and also kids voices, whereas with Speechelo slightly less total voices and a split slightly different 20 male 42 females.

So over two to one female against male there and they have 36 different languages covered. So There’s pretty much only one male and one female for the us accents and one again each for English accents, but they cover a lot more languages. So if you’re, a non-English speaking person or if you’re looking to create voiceovers in non-English speaking languages, then speechless going to be better for you, because the standard version will actually cover more different languages, but the downside of that is, There’s less English-speaking accents available.

Now both software use the amazon and google speech technology, so they’re, very natural human-sounding voices they’ve that sort of things improved a lot in recent years, um thanks to amazon and google, so both use the same engine on that tokyo, call it standard or wavenet, whereas Speechello referred to it as standard or ai, and with some of their A.I. voices, they actually have a normal, a friendly and a serious tone available for them.

So, even though you’re only getting the two male and one female us accents, you get three different versions of it. So effectively is almost like having three different voices available to you, the talking software. I found easy to learn and use It’s easy to set different voices and preview, how they sound and simple controls for changing the speed and pitch. It’s also easy to preview how the whole speech sounds and make adjustments with Speechelo only uses the first 100 characters within the preview and makes it harder to test out smaller adjustments, because you need to generate the voiceover each time you want to check any of the Changes There’s more options available with Speechelo, and so that does make the software a bit more complex to use, but obviously you get.

The advantage of that is that you have the extra options available to you. So with the options that are available with talk here. It’s very easy to speed up or slow down the voice, increase or decrease the pitch of the voice and increase and decrease the volume you can add different punctuation eg full stops commas and question marks to vary the length of the pauses and, of course, different voice. Inflections, they also allow you to add an audio background track as part of the standard version, in addition to the 30 free tracks that they give you with there.

You can also import your own music tracks to use within there with Speechelo. You can actually vary specific parts of the text, so where’s Talkia, you have to vary the whole the whole of the text with Speechelo. You could just speed up one particular word or particular sentence, and you can emphasize individual words, although I would say that sometimes the emphasis doesn’t always sound quite how you would like it to sound. So It’s not always particularly useful.

So with the A.I. voices, you can’t actually add the breathing to make the sound more realistic, and you can’t do the emphasis on the individual words and the way they recommend editing. It is to create your text in small chunks test those out by generating the audio file for them and then once you’re happy with each individual chunk. You then merge all your chunks together before you actually export the voice file.

Okay, with talk here, you’re limited to a thousand words per export, but then There’s nothing to stop you splitting your text into multiple files, keeping each one below a thoUSAnd words and then merge your speech files within a video editing. Software such as camtasia, if you buy the enterprise edition that limits increase to 5000 words, but as I say, the thousand-word limit you can get round by just exporting. Multiple files with Speechelo is limited to 5000 characters, which is approximately 700 words.

So that’s slightly less than what you get with torkia, but again you can do multiple exports to increase the number of characters. You have there, the tags that it uses for doing the emphasized speech and all that they actually count towards your 5,000 characters as well. So the tag might take up 20 or 30 characters so that again will limit it. The more emphasis you put on individual parts of the text, but again with speech hello, you can merge the video within editing software and if you go for the pro version, the limit is increased to twenty thousand and it actually says words on there. But that’s actually twenty thousand characters typo there. They both come with a money-back guarantee.

Tokyo gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee and speechless is double that with 60 days money actually that that’s all pretty good there. I’m pretty sure, though, within 30 days, you’ll find whether the software is useful or not, so both of them offer the money-back guarantee and that’s the main thing really so not a lot of difference there. But again you get the extra 30 days with the speed shadow. Let’s have a quick look at what the upgrades are with the upgrades for Talkia, It’s 5,000 words per voiceover.

You get a total of 329 voices and the background music tracks is increased to $150. You get also get commercial license, so you can sell your voiceover tracks on sites like five or or anything like that. Now you actually get the full functionality with the standard version, so you don’t get any extra functions there by going for the enterprise one, which is, which is good, if you, if you’re just happy with stick with the standard version, the enterprise version, if you buy it from the website It’s priced up at 69 per month or 40 per month. If you pay annually, but they do have the launch promo going on where you can buy the standard version for the one-off fee.

And if you buy that for the single payment, then an upsell that you’re given on that is to buy the enterprise one for 97 per year. So that’s quite a saving there. If you want to go for the enterprise one but Speechelo their upgrade is called the pro version. As I mentioned earlier, you get 20 000 characters per voiceover and you get a total of 171 voices. So It’s quite a lot less voices overall there for Speechelo than there is with Talkia, so that might be a factor if you’re looking for a commercial license to sell your voiceovers, you’ve obviously got more options with torquier.

That will give you the more flexibility for different customers. Speechelo does include background music tracks with their pro version, but they only have $40 compared with $150 for Talkia and as I say, you can do the commercial license with the pro. So you can again sell your voiceovers on their website with the upgrade you’re offered it at seven dollars per quarter. So that’s four times per year, but if you turn that down, they then say well how about paying a single one-off fee of $127. So you have to, first of all, say no to the 47 and then they’ll give you that option.

Okay! So let’s go and have a quick look at both bits of software, so you can judge how easy it is to use each of them. Okay, so I’ll do a quick run-through of each bits of the software starting with Talkia. Now I actually did a longer walkthrough of the talking software a couple of days ago, and I uploaded a video for that. So I’ll share the link to that video in the description below here. So, on the left hand, side you’ve got your box where you type in your text that you want the voiceover to say you can either type it in there or you can paste it from a document that you’ve already got stored.

I’m just going to paste some in there and let’s do yeah and then over on the right hand side here, you have your different voices, so you’ve got your male and your female and then within that you can choose the voice. You’ve got to google and amazon poly and you’ve got wavenet and standard, so you can scroll down between these select it on there scroll down and you can scroll down on these to select which one you want select. Your amazon poly, your wavenet. So those are the different ones available.

Now I’m actually going to select a female voice and you can see by the tips I put over there that I’m saying Lydia she’s, actually a google wavenet one so there she is at the top here. So let me just select her if I apply that you can adjust your speed and your pick. So one is the standard on the speed and zero is standard on your pitch. So let’s just play that hi, I’m Lydia. I am one of the female voices available via the standard version of Talkia. Would you like to have me to be the voiceover in your videos?

I am very versatile. You can speed me up or slow me down so that I sound just right in any situation. Okay, so that last sentence didn’t sound quite right and that’s because I didn’t have any punctuation in it. So you can add commas. So if I put a comma in after versatile and then after up and after down, so I can either change the speed or the pitch as well. So I’m going to just speed it up slightly to 104 and I’m going to give a more serious tone. So I’m going to go. Take this down to -4 and we’ll see how that now sounds hi, I’m Lydia! I am one of the female voices available via the standard version of Talkia.

Would you like to have me to be the voiceover in your videos? I am very versatile: you can speed me up or slow me down so that I sound just right in any situation. I’ve got a bit more of a deeper voice there, and did you notice with the comments there how she paused for those bits it gave me a better sound to it, and likewise, with the pitch, I can speed it up and again. We then get a different voice entirely, so we can press play on that. One hi, I’m Lydia. I am one of the female voices available via the standard version of talkier.

Would you like to have me to be the voiceover in your videos? I am very versatile. You can speed me up or slow me down so that I sound just right in any situation. Okay, I think we probably went a little bit too high on that one. So I’ll take it back down to zero and then once I’m happy with that, because I quite like the sound of it in first place once I’m happy with that, then you add it to your timeline. You see that then comes over the bottom here and then you can actually add an audio background track.

A couple of days ago, when I did the video I commented the fact that these preview buttons didn’t work, and I told their support team about it, which shows how quick they are to respond to things. that’s a little bit loud here we go. We’ve now got the preview buttons are working, so that was in an update that came out yesterday. So, as I said, I’ve had the software now for about a week, and I think that was the third update I’ve had during that week. So there, on top of things and anything, that’s an issue with the software they’re on the ball, to try and to try and sort it out quickly. It’s probably a little bit loud. I might.

I think I will actually insert that one, but what I will do is take what I’m just going to bring the volume down on that. I don’t know why It’s taking so long to insert there now. So I can then just play that and see how it sounds with a background track behind it. Hi, I’m Lydia. I am one of the female voices available via the standard version of talkier. Would you like to have me to be the voiceover in your videos?

I am very versatile: you can speed me up or slow me down so that I sound just right in any situation, so once you’re happy with that, what I will actually do with this to make the track make sure the track’s not too long I’ll bring that Down, I quite like that little twang at the end there, so let’s just do that yeah so we’ll leave it at that. So once you’ve done that you then just export the file and save it onto your computer. Okay, that’s it for the torquey software. As I say very brief demonstration of how it works there, I’ll now show you how speechless works.

So this is inside the Speechelo software. You see I’m running it within a browser and again you’ve got the box over here on the left, where you can either type or you can paste your text into. So I’ve got some text here that I’m just going to paste in and then on the right hand, side here, you’ve got your voices. Now they don’t actually show you the difference ones between your amazon and your google. You just select the one that you want and then it will, it will actually show the voices that are available and you can see here.

Not only has it got the standard ones listed, but It’s also got the ones that you get on the pro. Unfortunately, it’d be nice if you could actually just sort like preview those and you could um listen to see what they would sound like, but you can’t you need to actually upgrade to get those a slightly different way of selecting them. So you just have the drop-down list here and you can go along there and you can see there all the different countries that are there. Some of those are just available for the pro version, but it lists them all there.

As part of the software – and it just enables them if you upgrade to the pro so if I go for English us speaking, so you can see, we’ve got the billy joey is the male and Rosie is the female. If we select billy joey and you see with the standard you get the chance to add some breathing in there add emphasis on words, adjust speech, and add pauses. Now, I’m not going to add these at the breathing or the emphasis for my demo, because what I want to do is select the A.I. version and you’ll see that those aren’t actually available.

Once you select ai, you can adjust the speed, so you can change the volume, so you can either have extra soft medium loud or extra loud. I won’t change that texture loud I’ll, leave that back on medium and then you can speed it up as well and you can go extra, slow, slow, medium, fast and extra fast and you can speed up just individual parts of the text. So let me just do that which, but should we speed up so we’ll just speed up this part in the middle here?

So if I go just speech and I’ll actually just that’s slightly faster just adds in these tags to just to tell the software that this part of the text is going to be said faster, okay, so I’m going to go for a friendly tone with the preview. You only get the first hundred characters, which I find a little bit frustrating but we’ll just listen to that. Now, hi, I’m billy! I am one of the male voices available via the standard version.

Okay, so that’s billy’s voice and then, if you’re happy with buddy’s voice, you can then click the generate voiceover button. that’s very quick to generate that. You can then play that whole bit. Hi, I’m billy! I am one of the male voices available via the standard version of speech low. Would you like to have me to be the voiceover in your videos? I am very versatile and can speak in a normal, friendly or serious tone.

So did you see the way they’re in the middle part that you sped up the way he spoke on that one? So that’s quite useful that you can actually do that just on specific parts of the text. If you want to and then I’ll demonstrate, Rosie the female voice as well so I’ll just change the text slightly there Rosie and again with Rosie, you can do normal friendly or serious tone. Just go for a serious tone with Rosie, we’ll preview, her voice, hi, I’m Rosie. I am one of the female voices available via the standard version.

Okay, so it just cuts off after the 100 characters. So we then generate that bit when we’re happy with it play that through just make sure we’re happy with all of it. Hi I’m Rosie. I am one of the female voices available via the standard version of speech hello. Would you like to have me to be the voice-over in your videos, just like billy joey? I am very versatile and can speak in a normal, friendly or serious tone there. We have it so once you’re happy with the two bits of text, you can then select both of them, and then you see this merge selected pops up.

So you click on merge, selected and we’ve got billy joey as the top part, and then Rosie is the second part. If I had those around the wrong way, I could actually just slide them around, so it gives you the option to move them around there. So but the pretty joey I want to go first and then Rosie, so I then merge the files, so just call that bj and art and then I’ll merge the files and then you can play the entire merge file. Hi, I’m billy. I am one of the male voices available via the standard version of speech low. Would you like to have me to be the voiceover in your videos?

I am very versatile and can speak in a normal, friendly or serious tone. Hi, I’m Rosie. I am one of the female voices available via the standard version of speech hello. Would you like to have me to be the voice-over in your videos, just like billy joey? I am very versatile and can speak in a normal, friendly or serious tone. Okay and then, if you’re happy with that, then you just click the download button by the side of it and that’s then saves it to my hard disk, okay, so which is best out of Talkia or speed cello. Well, There’s no straightforward answer to that question.

As I feel both have their merits, some people will find talky the better program and others will prefer speak cello. For me, the main reason for choosing is to get the voices you feel most happy with and that very much depends on your own personal circumstances and what you want to use the voiceover for. So here’s some more of the voices to help you decide which is best for you if you’re on a budget.

Just looking for a US English speaking, voice over, you can’t go far wrong with the single payment option for the standard version of Speechelo. Try to get it at the cheapest rate possible. Follow the link in the description below and steve will, let you know the cheapest price. You can get it for, let’s face it, you will really only likely need one male and one female voice for all your voice. Overs, the billy joey and Rosie A.I. voices sound fairly realistic and provide the flexibility of normal, friendly and serious tones, so should pretty much cover your video voice over needs.

The standard version of speech halo is good, but I’d like slightly more choice with the voices so that my videos sound a bit different with the standard version of takia. You get a wider range of English-speaking voices for both u.s and English-sounding accents. So, for me, it offers the best option. Talkia also provides a wider choice for English-speaking female voices and has both boy and girl voices as part of the standard version. The downside would be having to pay a monthly subscription, rather than a single one-off payment.

Using the single payment option makes Talkia the best option for anyone who wants a few more voices to choose from English isn’t my native language Speechelo provides a wider range of non-English? Speaking voices, so that is the best option for me. I want a full range of options, as I’m looking to provide voiceovers to customers, both the enterprise version of Tokyo and the pro version of Speechelo.

Allow you to sell your voiceovers on a commercial basis. Has the edge here, as they have nearly twice as many voices with 329 compared with 171 for Speechelo, so there we have it. I hope you found those examples useful. As I say, I think some of you will find Speechelo, while others will prefer Talkia to me. It boils down to cost and which will provide the best voices for my videos.

Please, let me know in the comments what you feel is the most essential feature when deciding which of the two software programs is best for you. If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and ding the bell. So you get notified when I upload any more videos in future.

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