Speechelo Review & Walkthrough – Is This Auto Voice Any Good?

In this video, I do a review of Speechelo, a product by Vlad and Stoica, creators of the Blaster Marketing suite of products, that is available on Clickbank.
Buy Speechelo – https://inthe-know.com/speechelo


Speechelo – https://inthe-know.com/speechelo

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Hey everyone – It’s ken and in this video I’m going to review Speechelo a product by vlad and Stoica creators of the blaster marketing suite of products that’s currently available on clickbank. I’ll take you inside the members area I’ll show you how it works, so you can get an understanding of how good this product actually is and, lastly, we’ll go over any of the upsells so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to Pick up this product so, let’s get to it before we start. This is your first time here.

Click that subscribe button and ring the bell. So you don’t miss out on my future reviews and, if you’re looking to start your online business, then click on the link below and check out my number one recommendation for starting an online business. Today: okay, It’s no secret, I’m not a big fan of autovoice. If you watch my vidnami autovoice review, I show you the differences between an autovoice from Vidnami and my real voice. Now there really was no comparison, as a human voice can show inflection and emphasis where an auto-generated voice just simply can’t, but there are situations where you have no other choice but to use an auto voice.

That being said, I stumbled upon Speechelo saw the sales page heard a sample and thought. Why not? I must say that for an auto voice, It’s pretty good. So let’s hop inside and take a look around now. I only purchased the front end product so I’ll, be showing you that I’ll also go over the OTOs after my demo or you can click on the quick access time links in the description below to hop around now with any front-end product. You are always somewhat limited in what you can do in this case.

The front end of Speechelo comes with 30 voices in 23 languages, which gives you enough to work with. You also can’t have a voiceover that’s longer than 700 words, so you also need to keep that in mind, but real, quick, let’s head over to the sales page and check out some of the features that you get with Speechelo. So some of the features included – I mentioned the 30 voices right here – um 23 languages. They also have an online text editor and it says right here that their A.I. engine will check your text and will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound. Natural, so we’re going to take a look at that. There’s also voice tones, so There’s several voice tones to choose from and I’ll show you how that works.

They even have breathing and pauses, which is kind of interesting, um uh. You know they’re trying to make this sound as realistic as possible, and you’ll you’ll see how it sounds in just a minute, and you can also change the speed and pitch of your Speechelo voice-over all right. So how does all of this work? Okay? So when you’re in a dashboard first thing, you’re going to want to do, is check out their training tab here and they’ve got one video. Okay, It’s a It’s a full training, video, that’s two minutes and 23 seconds long. I watched it um It’s it’s very easy to use and um. You know really There’s not much to this.

Okay, so um when you’re in the voice generator. Let’s take a look here on the right side here this um stats over here. Okay, so up here, There’s two voices generated, so I did two voiceovers down here and these are samples I’ll play them, so you can hear them um, There’s 60 total available voices. Now the front end product only has 30 So, in order to unlock that, you have to upgrade to pro that’s the reason why It’s highlighted orange okay down here it says 962 characters used, so I’ve used 962 characters. So far in doing both of my um of my voiceovers, okay, and also here, it says, one unique voice is used.

I’ve just used one um. I’ve used this one billy joey, which is a male voice from the US okay right here on the right side. This is where you are going to either paste or type in the text that you want to have a voiceover created for okay. So I’m just going to paste in some text that I put together. So you can see – and this is what it looks like. Okay, you’re gonna just throw that in there. I just grabbed this from one of my videos, okay and here on the right side.

This is where you have the option to choose a different type of voice that you want. So if we click on this you’ll see the different types of languages, they have everything from Arabic to Chinese mandarin. Different types of English, French, German Icelandic, Italian, Japanese Korean they’ve got a bunch. They’Ve got Spanish. Okay, different types of Spanish they’ve got Welsh. Okay, I’m sticking with the US because I’m an American, so I’m going to use that. Also here you can choose between the standard or A.I. voice. Now the standard voice allows you to customize the pauses and the speed of the voice and the emphasis okay.

It’s a little bit more difficult to use I’ll show you that um, and so It’s something that you’re gonna have to take a lot of time to practice. If you’re going to really use this okay and really be effective at it, um you know for all other purposes, the A.I. voice, the A.I. voice, does uh well enough. What it does is, it goes through and it it reads: through the sentences and um puts in the appropriate pauses and emphasis where needed. Okay, you still have to put in the right punctuation.

Okay, you have to punctuate it. Sometimes you have to do a little bit more punctuation. That is needed because you want the voice to sound as natural as possible and I’ll be including a link to one of the training videos that the folks over at blaster online had put together and that kind of guides you through how to do that. Now, when you’re in the A.I. voice section here, you’ll notice, also too, that they’ve got three different types of tone. The normal tone, friendly tone and serious tone. Fronty tone, obviously is just a friendly uh, warm type of voice serious is more um direct. It’s it’s doesn’t have as much emotion and normal.

It’s just It’s hard to It’s hard to explain. Um you’ll just have to listen to this. The samples that I created um and also over here too you’ll notice that they’ve got the different voices. Okay uh. These are the us voices um. You can play these if you want to hear what they sound like um, also too you’ll notice that some say pro so you have to upgrade to the pro account in order to get these uh additional voices here.

Okay, so we’ll go ahead, we’ll play um a couple of them or several of them, so you can hear what they sound like so we’ll start off with billy joey, which is a male voice. Hi, I’m billy. I am a native English speaker, okay! Next, let’s check out rosie and she’s a female hi, I’m rosie, I am a native English speaker. Next, we have owen, so they’ve got a kid, a a boy’s voice here, which is kind of interesting hi. I’m owen, I am a native English speaker and then lastly, There’s henry and he’s a male u.s male hi, I’m henry. I am a native English speaker.

So after I listened to all of them, I decided to stick with billy joey um. You know you can also listen to these if you go to their sales page okay, on the sales page, if you scroll down um, probably around midway, they give you all the different sample voices, so you can go ahead and you can play any of them um In fact, we’ll play like let’s play the British one, so you can hear what that sounds. Like my name is arthur and I’m from london I’m one of the most used voices from Speechelo.

Whenever you need a trustworthy voice, I’m here for you, so you can. You can see It’s pretty good right, um and you know I don’t speak Spanish. So let’s go ahead and let’s just do the Spanish one too, so you guys can hear that one hola me llamo rosita de mexico. Siempre que necesitas an artist. So that’s that’s pretty good. I mean I don’t know, I don’t speak Spanish, but it sounds really good um. So let’s go back into the um, the voice, generator software, okay. So once you’ve pasted in your copy and you’ve chosen the um, the tone.

Okay with the A.I. voice, that’s the easiest route again! Okay, then you just click on this button to generate the voice-over and when it generates It’s very, very fast. Okay, so watch this, so that was done in like probably like a second right and when it when It’s finished, rendering It’s located right here, uh, that’s! This is the one that I did um. I recorded them earlier. So we’ll just go ahead and we’ll play um. The ones that I did okay, so let me play the one with all the punctuation, because I want to show you what It’s like um with the punctuation in there: okay using the A.I. voice, and then I’m gonna go ahead and I’ll show you what it sounds like when you take out the punctuation like simple things like commas: okay periods is fine, but if you don’t add things in like um, you know these pauses.

You know these commas and things like that. Um I’ll, show you how it sounds. It’s very very different, so you still have to have a level of you know knowledge of grammar, but you know there are apps out there that allow you to, you know, check your grammar like grammarly, and things like that. So you can go ahead and use those and then you’re going to be able to experiment with adding additional pauses and things like that. I’ll show you, the video that Speechelo made to talk uh talk its members through on how to do that.

Okay, but let’s listen to the voice, uh voiceover, that I did um or not the the voiceover, but the the voice, uh recording um that I used uh earlier on okay. So this one is the billy joy and this one has all the um punctuation in it. In this video I’m going to answer the question: how long does it take to make money on clickbank if you’re ready to hear the real truth, then stick around hi, I’m ken and I provide helpful tips and information to help. You build your online business if you’re new to this channel click the subscribe button and ring the bell, so you don’t miss out on content like this, so that sounds pretty good.

I mean I mean I can tell that It’s not real, because there are some areas where the inflection is not correct, or it doesn’t sound as as good as a as a human voice. But if I were to compare this to like vidami, for example, this is to me um much better. Okay, now I had mentioned that you know adding in punctuation is important. Okay, when you take out the punctuation, it doesn’t sound as good okay um. So I’m gonna give you an example here. So this one down here the first one down here, um I recorded and I took out the or I had them generated for me. I took out the punctuation um, except for like the periods, so I took out the commas and other things like that, and now you’ll be able to hear what that sounds like in this video.

I’m going to answer the question: how long does it take to make money on clickbank if you’re ready to hear the real truth, then stick around hi, I’m ken and I provide helpful tips and information to help. You build your online business if you’re new to this channel click the subscribe button and ring the bell, so you don’t miss out on content like this, so you can clearly see that it seems rushed right, very, very rushed um one. I want to show you what the um serious tone sounds like too, so that we can hear that, so, let’s generate the voice-over using billy joey, and this is the serious serious tone here.

Okay – and this has the punctuation in it as well in this video, I’m going to answer the question: how long does it take to make money on clickbank if you’re ready to hear the real truth, then stick around hi, I’m ken and I provide helpful tips and Information to help you build your online business if you’re new to this channel click the subscribe button and ring the bell, so you don’t miss out on content like this, so as you can tell, it does sound a little bit uh more monotone, even though There’s a Little bit of inflection in it does sound a little bit more serious um and in fact, let’s do the normal tone. So you can see the difference between uh that, as as opposed to the friendly and serious tone.

So, let’s generate that all right and we’ll go ahead and we’ll play the normal tone in this video. I’m going to answer the question: how long does it take to make money on clickbank if you’re ready to hear the real truth, then stick around hi, I’m ken and I provide helpful tips and information to help. You build your online business if you’re new to this channel click the subscribe button and ring the bell, so you don’t miss out on content like this, so you can see that’s kind of like uh in between the the um friendly tone and the serious tone. I would say: okay now um, let’s go ahead and let’s take a look at the all right.

I wanted to show you that video um that Speechelo made to uh give you some guidance in terms of how to uh to add in pauses and things like that. Okay, so this is a YouTube. Video I’ll leave a link down in the description below, so you guys can see It’s only a minute long, but really um they’re using the um Speechelo voice to uh kinda instruct you, okay, so they’ve done it themselves. So I want to play this. It’s a minute long bear with me, but I think It’s worth listening to hey guys joey here and, as you know, I’m an A.I. voice and if you enter a long text with no punctuation marks, I might not be able to read it properly.

So please try to add more punctuation marks in your text. Let me quickly show you an example. Let’s say you enter this text with no punctuation marks. I will read it like this hello, I’m joey and I like to eat apples and grapes from time to time. Sound good, but I didn’t add that many inflections in my voice now – let’s say you add punctuation marks like commas: exclamation marks suspension points, even if normally you wouldn’t need to add them following the normal grammar rules. So let’s hear how the new text sounds: hello, I’m joey and I like to eat apples and grapes from time to time much better right.

So please try to add more punctuation marks and experiment with them, and I guarantee I will speak your text way better. So, as you can clearly see, adding in an extra punctuation mark or two really makes a difference in the sound of the voice and the flow of the voice, this is the A.I. voice in that example, that you saw one other thing that I noticed is that The voices sound a lot better to when you start adding in some background music. So that’s something that you might want to consider.

If you have access to uh non-copyright um, protected music, um or creative commons types of music, then that might be something worth using in the background to um help with the A.I. voice, I mean it sounds good already. It sounds better to me than the Vidnami one, but you know you want to use that music. In the background, it really really helps out now in terms of the standard engine. Okay, they have a standard engine here. This will allow you to do a little bit more in terms of customizing um, the uh, the voiceover okay. This allows you to do it on your own. Basically, so you can go ahead and you can add things in and I’ll zoom in here. So you can see you can add in things like add in breathing, you can emphasize words, you can adjust the speech and add a pause.

So I’ll just show you how it works. So you just um click here. Let’s say you want to add. Add in um. Add in a breath, okay, so this is going to have that person kind of do an inhale uh. So you go that that sound right there um before you speak um. You can emphasize words so, for instance, the real truth right. If I want to emphasize that, I just highlight it, and I click on emphasize, and this will show you show you that this is what’s going to be emphasized when it speaks, you can adjust the speech as well. So, for instance, you can say: let’s highlight this part right here – adjust the speech okay, so we can go louder or softer.

We can increase the speaking rate. We can increase the pitch okay, so you can go ahead and you can change that if you want to okay and it adjusts it puts in code in here. So that way, when it reads it understands what it needs to do and then lastly, you can add in some uh and then a pause here. Okay, so let’s say um down here, you want to add in a pause, you click and you can go ahead and you can you can adjust it all the way up to four seconds. Okay and you can do it that way and it codes it for you and then, when you play it, it’ll play back with all the appropriate um.

You know adjustments that you made okay. Now, when I went through this earlier it was. It was working very, very well um and I was having fun playing around with it, but now in this live live, or this recorded demo here, for some reason: It’s it’s not working as well, so they might be doing something to update the um update their app. So I would play it for you, but It’s just going to read the um. It’s going to read the code here so um, but you just you just have to take my word for it that it was horrible anyway, because I was not very good at um.

Putting in the pauses and breaks and breathing and everything in there, so my advice is, if you are going to use this, is to stick with the A.I. voice. Okay, stick with the A.I. voice and then go ahead and make sure you update it with more punctuation marks, um and pauses, and things like that. Okay per that other video that I just showed you and you should be just fine all right now. Let’s talk about the sales funnel the front end product is $47 dollars and it comes with three upsells.

Now I’ve included the links to these upsells in the description below, so you can check them out for yourself now. Oto one is for the pro version, which gives you 30 new voices, upping the total to 60 voices. You also get longer voiceovers and remember. The front-end product was limited to 700 words, well, you’re, not limited to word count in the pro version. You get 40 royalty, free music tracks used for background music and, lastly, you get the commercial license rights so that you can sell your voiceovers now. The cost for oto one is not a one-time fee.

Okay. So if you grab this offer, you are paying a recurring monthly fee of 37. The other option is a quarterly payment of 47, which breaks down to about dollars and sixty seven cents per month. Oto two is a thirty seven dollar one-time fee and unlocks the Speechelo YouTube add-on feature with this feature. You are able to enter any YouTube link, take the voice-over from that video and create a brand new voiceover with any of the voices from Speechelo. But this oto takes it one step further by allowing you to take a YouTube, video and translating its voice-over into a different language without having to do any translations yourself.

Oto number three is a thirty seven dollar one-time fee and gives you access to lingo blaster. 2.0, which they say, will translate and rank your videos for the 100 most popular foreign languages. By doing this, they say it will 10x your video’s exposure to a worldwide audience. Basically, the software will take your title and descriptions and translate them into a number of languages. There’s even a feature to translate your subtitles in other languages as well.

If anything, It’s worth trying out the front end of Speechelo, as this is a clickbank product and backed by a 60 day, money back guarantee and then, if you’re interested in the other features, you can head back and purchase the upgrades and those come with a 60-day Money-Back guarantee except lingo, blaster 2.0, which has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So there you have it my walkthrough of Speechelo. Let me know what you think about this app by dropping a comment down below and if you’ve purchased this product.

Let me know how your experiences have been so far thanks for watching. If you found this video to be useful, please, like it and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. I would greatly appreciate it. Lastly, if you’re starting your affiliate marketing journey, then click on the link below and check out my number one recommendation for starting your online business.

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