Speechelo Review & Walkthrough: Speechelo Text to Speech Software

In this review and demo of Speechelo, I’m going to show you the inside scoop of Speechelo and how it can be used to convert text to human voices.

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What is Speechelo?
Speechelo text generator allows anyone to instantly Transform Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding VoiceOver with only 3 clicks!

How to use Speechelo?
You can start using Speechelo within your business in 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Paste your text into Speechelo
Step 2: Choose a voice
Step 3: Click the “generate” button and download the voice

Hello, welcome to a Speechelo review, video in this video. I will be reviewing and showing you how to use speech, hello, hello and welcome to a speech alone, review video. So this is a software I’m really excited about, and I hope you enjoyed that little intro that little snippet. That shows you just how easy and realistic these voices actually sound. So, but I’m not gonna leave you that I’m going to get into the nitty-gritty of absolutely everything and explain all the features for you in just a second, so bluster sweet guys have really outdone themselves once again with some really Great software that won’t, when you combine this with the whole blaster suite, yo or more, in particular, the video marketing blaster software.

It’s just an unfair advantage, but if you want to see more about what I’m talking about, go ahead and click the links in the description for case studies that I’ve done with all of this software. However, let’s jump in and get dirty at speech and error. So you can see it, we’ve got two options on the Left, ignore the other three. These are other software’s. I’ve bought from them, so you yeah. I use that software’s and earn money from that software’s and you can see you’ve got voice generator and training the voice generator is this bet.

The training actually opens up some video training, which is only a two minute 22 seconds watch, and It’s actually really easy to understand. There’s you. You can’t really go wrong with this software There’s not really loads and loads of stuff that you can do it. Just is a really powerful software to to generate human voices through your attacks that sell that’s a really handy thing to have. Let’s have a look, so we’ve got the menus, so There’s not really that much. You can click on on the left, but on the right.

We’ve got these four pieces of information, so we’ve got voices generated, available, voices, characters are used and unique voices use, so the voice is generated, is basically how many voices that you’ve used to generate text to voice okay, that is very simple and then total available voice Says how many voices have you actually got in your library that you can use and mix it up? Well, you’ve got sixteen.

Then you’ve also got how many characters have actually been used and you can see I’ve already started using it, and I’ve got over 9,000 characters which actually isn’t that much when it comes to this sort of thing. But I only crave a snippet and these YouTube channels. So anyway, 9,000 characters – you know, hopefully by the end of the month. This will be well over 500,000, but also and then the two unique voices you saw. I’ve owned. I’ve only been using two voice, one British one and one American one. It depends on the project.

I’ve been working on at the time, but you know you already saw how to use it. You basically saw the very beginning of the video how I use a software and you simply paste in your textures and by the way it can be. You can paste it over and over and over it really doesn’t matter, but you paste the software and let me go ahead and just move my camera, so you can see, we’ve got it there and it tells you how many characters There’s and how many words you’ve Got just in the bottom left and right, which is actually really nice to have it, helps you meet targets and stuff like that, and all it really is, is you can add pause so at the moment, It’s in the AI voice, I’m what the AI voice Does is it automatically emphasizes words and automatically gives the breathing sound that you heard before you know without you, so that’s always really good. Then you’ve also got the AI Toa. Now, how would you want it to sound?

You want it to sound, just like a normal and neutral voice, or do you want it to sound, really happy and friendly, and you know or you want it really serious. You know it really depends on the genre of the video you’re creating and the message that you want to give. But you’ve got those options of you know: adding humanity to the voice. So that’s a really nice touch and then you’ve got on the side.

Rosie Owen and then Ellie Chloe and all of these things and you’ve got the option of numerous different languages. I mean that is just a game changer, especially if you do create YouTube news channels and you’re targeting different countries. That is a big win. That is really very exciting and I can’t wait to start really digging into that and doing something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some while I’m going to be doing it. So I’m just going to quickly change to English, British and I’m going to go to offer and I’m going to keep it in the standard mode, because I actually like having the full control over things.

I can do so. You can see It’s standard and you get these options here, so you’ve got a breathing emphasize words and a just speech. So what does add? Breathing actually yeah? Well that that that is what you’re putting into the video. So it actually sounds like a human is talking and the taking breaks. I don’t know if you’ve ever use other other text-to-speech software, but you will know that if you have that getting it to pause and to breathe and stuff like that is basically not really possible.

Unless you’re willing to upload your yourself doing here, which even then causes complications, so the fact that you can actually add breathing into this just by clicking the arrow you want and then clicking add, breathing boom. You’Ve now got breathing and you can add that in as many times as you want, or if you really want to emphasize something so, for example, I want to emphasize how to and a highlighter and boom there you go. So the emphasis starts at how to and ends after two and then boom. It goes back to normal and if you want to add a pause, hello add a pause. How many seconds you want to add that pause, which is it crazy?

Because it now, you can really really get into making the voice sound, even more human, because It’s a really big issue when you’re doing these sort of things is the fact that There’s lack of pauses a lot lack of expressions, expression, tone in the actual tags. But it just doesn’t always sound realistic, but now it can do especially when you start adding in a little bit of background music. It just becomes you know, human-like and that’s exactly what you want. It doesn’t annoy people okay, so let’s just have a look and yeah go over to languages. Let’s do it to Dutch, for example, and you can see it now comes up with two different Dutch names and standard and a high voice, but the AI voice does not work with every single language, so you’ll have to go through each one and see.

My guess is that it probably cancel is that it probably works with the more English and more Tier one sort of countries rather than like places. I Jerry exactly that chocolate really all you really need to do. Let’s just go into this okay, so you come here when you paste the tax in and let’s go over to AI, yes, which and Joanna so now paste that okay cool. So I know that I want an English British accent called author and then at boom. Okay, so now, if I click generate voiceover lightning fast, It’s been done: cool, let’s scroll down, and now you can see.

You’ve got all your downloads here, which you can either sort by date, download or j preview. But if you click on the three icons it deletes it. If you click on download, it will download it in mp3 format, and if you press play open up this little dialogue box and then you can press play with the timeline and you can do you can control it like that. And apart from that, There’s not really much more that we can talk about with this yeah. Everything is, you know, track to monitor, so you can keep track of everything that’s really yeah. that’s really speech alone. You know all you need to do is enter your text here. You know if you want to and we are, breathing click are breathing.

If you want to highlight a word and emphasize it just highlights, and click emphasize words if you want to adjust a speech, you know you can. This is where you AI use. This is where things get really exciting, because you can simply, if you want to make a certain word. Let me just highlight this: adjust that if you want to make it sound louder, you know slower. You know in how fast they’re talking you know or even heighten the pitch, and what’s not you can do that just by that and you can see it starts here, start speech and then ends after speech low and the possibilities with this is absolutely endless and the Beauty of it is that it works okay.

So It’s not another tall saying It’s gonna do a million on things it does what it says and the fact that you can now control how fast or how slow and I’m breathing and stuff like that, really makes this tax more human-like. Anyway. I hope you enjoyed this video if you’ve got any questions whatsoever, go ahead and leave a link in the description below I’m also going to leave. Leave you with two presents. The first one is a discount link to this software.

Saving you quite a substantial amount of money and the second one is going to be a link to my website, which is going to show you all of the bonus courses and all sorts of things you will get when you use my link to purchase a software. So I hope you enjoyed the speech level review if you’ve got any questions, go ahead and comment them again below, but give me a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel and see you next time.

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