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If you are looking for the best text to speech software, this Speechelo honest review is for you. I will show you the demo and walkthrough with an example of how I use Speechelo voice overs to my Vidnami made videos.

I hope you will like my Speechelo review and you will see the value of having this best text to speech software for youtube videos work for you. When you go on Fiverr, you will see that voice-overs for videos cost really lots of money, I mean like $75 per 75 words. That is insane!

So on this Speechelo honest review and demo, you will see that you could save lots of money on professional voice over artists.

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Were you looking for honest Speechelo review? This video will show you why I like Speechelo text to speech voice over software by BlasterSuite. Hope you enjoy this Speechelo review and will have fun using it…so if you wonder if Speechelo is worth it, you will see that it really is the best text to speech softwarefor youtube videos on the market!

Hey guys, brett, here again with another video and today I decided to do speech, hello review and what is speech alloys. That is an artificial intelligence software that can instantly transform any text to 100 humanly sounding voiceovers, and you can do this really within couple seconds. So in this speech review I will also give you a demo how it works and show you how much it will really cost okay. So, first of all, I really think that speech.

Hello is really good program because It’s not as expensive as other voice-over software’s and that’s pretty good job and I’m gonna right now. Uh show you an examples uh, so you can hear it and see how you like those voices – okay, but basically how speechless works is that you just paste your text. You choose a voice and language, and then you just generate uh that voice-over and download the video to your computer, and then you can upload it to any video creation software that you’re using like, for example, I like Vidnami. So I think that, for example, speechline with damage together, It’s really good combination.

If you don’t want to show your face on the camera and if you don’t want to use your own voice for some reason, if you probably don’t speak, English did well or you think you don’t do or maybe you think you sound weird. So I think that it will be a very good combination just to use speech a little bit with nami, so I’m gonna take my headphones, so I can actually hear as well what it says and let’s just go to the first demo of speech law, hello. I’m billy and I’m one of the amazing voices from speechelo. I can read any text in a normal, joyful or serious town. I really hope we will. Can you see how he changed the intonation? that’s pretty good, I think, create a lot of voiceovers together.

My name is Arthur and I’m from London I’m one of the most used voices from Speechelo whenever you need a trustworthy voice, I’m here for you all right this British guy. He sounds weird, but I think if I can use his voice and bring it to Vidnami and then play with it with the speed, it was sounds pretty good, I think, but the guy before he was good hello, I’m owen and I’m one of the kid voices From Speechelo, I’ve created a lot of voiceovers for kids, wow kit videos, and I hope that we will work together I’m summer and I love to record voiceovers for training videos. But you can use my voice to record any type of voiceover that you want yeah.

If you can make videos in Vidnami, for example, in Spanish or in in French or maybe you are a Spanish speaker and a French speaker – and you can’t use Vidnami just because they don’t have these uh voice-overs there, then you can get just uh speechless software And then create the voiceovers download it as a file and then you can upload it to your Vidnami video and you have it in that language show. So It’s kind of cool. My name is all right. I learned German at school, so I can understand what she’s saying and that’s all. I need to know that these voices sounds pretty good videos for my YouTube channel afternoon yeah.

I think that uh I like the sound – and I hope that you see that the special voices are pretty good and like the basic uh cost for speechelo is uh 47. I think which is pretty good, because there are software that cost way more. Every single month to create these human sounding uh voices, so I think that this is good price and uh. Let me just let me just take you inside my speech, yellow because I use it on some of the Vidnami videos. I create for my different channels, because I only use my own voice for this channel brett slansky, because It’s my channel my personality, and you know I like that. You guys see me and hear me my voice all right.

So here we go right now. Uh I’ve created so far a couple uh voices uh when you go to when you go to a speech law system, you will get basically a tab that you can do voice generated, which is this one here right now you can just paste text and I will Show you select language select the voice. This is the guy. I liked a lot uh and then you can just uh preview, your voiceover and you can download the video uh if you’re happy with it. Now, right now you have character, counts, zero because There’s nothing, but I can do up to 20 000 characters all right. So It’s pretty good uh. There is another tab that has background music and the background.

Music is kind of really cool. If you are doing videos like Vidnami, you want to just down you like, for example, this music, even though a Vidnami you have lots of tricks right, but let’s say you would like. You would like. Let’s say this one: so let’s you you could just preview all right. So this is, for example, this one. So if you like, you can just download, and then you can upload it to your video creation tool like Vidnami uh also, which is really cool in here, is that you get the training, because right now, this training. It is six minutes long, but it gives you good understanding on how speechless works and how you should write your script in order to get the most benefits, so you will have more like uh human sounding voiceovers, for your videos.

Okay, then there is another video that will teach you how you can create the voiceover or the you. You can do the script in some small chunks and how you can put the chunks together, and it will again produce way better voice-over for your videos and if you have the speechless, worldwide uh. This is the training that teach you what you can do with it, and I like this, this is the last upsell. I think it costs 47 as well, but if you are serious about doing uh YouTube marketing and you can basically go and you can translate your text to different languages and instantly create new voice or you can grab YouTube url.

You can uh get the the captions. So right now you will have the basically all the text that the people are talking on the video and then you can change it and you can create similar video with the topic, but on your channel with your voice-over and stuff like that. So I really like this because it gives me idea. I sometimes like to get some information from different people, so I read it and then I am like all right. I i get the idea of that video and I try to make uh.

Then the script based on that, but in my own words and then I create a video on my channels, so I do this with lots of affiliate marketing channels. I have four different products and It’s really working pretty good. So right now, I’m not gonna show. You all this, I will just go to the voice generator watch this uh, you have.

Let me actually put this here so right now you have these languages: yeah, British, English, Indian, English, u.s, English, Welsh, French, French, German, Iceland, Italian, Japanese Korean Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, particular Brazilian Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish Turkish Welsh. So these are the languages that they are inside. You know, of course, Chinese and Arabic, so It’s kind of it it really. If you, for example, do Vidnami videos – and you don’t have that uh language inside because vidnami, it only does English like u.s, English, British, English and australian English voices, then you can definitely use speechless and create any videos in any of those languages that you want. So now I will stick only with the us, English and I like the billy joey, for example, yeah.

So let’s just hear it hi, I’m billy. I am a native English speaker, so he speaks pretty slow right now, but I don’t really mind. I i like the way how he, how he pronounced this stuff and like in Vidnami, you can change the speed of the voice-over after you upload it. So It’s really good. So let me just uh give you a real example, so you know what I mean. I have this script because I use this in my Vidnami tutorials when I do the voiceovers there and I will later on, compare all right – those two with not maybe speechless, but I think that some of the voices here are good and some of the voices in The diamonds are good, so It’s up to you so right now I pasted the text and I like to put maybe a little bit space, so it will be a little bit break now. You see where I have commas.

That means he will stop a little bit or you can also add pauses and make a him speaking faster right with these buttons, but let’s see just how it sounds without any alternation right right now. I use 617 characters from these 20 000. So It’s plenty – and I have this – let’s say as a video intro. So then when I would make another script for the body of the video and then I will make another script for the end for the outer or cold action of the video. And then I will just merging together, but for this special review, video and demo, I will just show you these simple things.

So right now uh I could select standard voices now the standard voices you can add, breathing emphasize words you can adjust speech and add posts as well, but frankly it takes for me really long time to use the standard, voices and um try to play with it. I mean I like to do my work faster because uh of my affiliate business, I just produce lots of videos every day, so I like to do it fast and that’s why I think that the A.I. voice is the best right uh. They don’t have the A.I. voice for all the voices they have, but they do have my favorite billy joey voice. So right now, uh, bmw right here. Let me again see the preview. Are you looking for the best ways to create a video for your business?

All right, so he just he just reads the first sentence and then continues so uh. I think that we can generate this voiceover and all you have to do is basically click generate and one second, oh it received. It took only one point, two seconds to create this voiceover, so let’s hit ok and right now we can, we can play. Are you looking for the best ways to create a video for your business? In this video? We will show you the best video creation tool that will help you to create many different videos for your business before we get started with our video, showing you all the steps that you need to take to produce engaging video content for your business, make sure you Check out the special discount, you will get $35 lifetime discount when you get this video creation tool from this link. Now, let’s start teaching you how easily you can create videos for your business, even if you have never made a video before yeah yeah.

So I do like his intonation, so all you have to do is hit download and it will download the video pretty fast and then you can upload it inside software like, for example, Vidnami, and I will show you uh how it will sound inside the software. Okay, all right, I have my uh sample Vidnami tutorial type of videos that I teach you guys how to use this Vidnami video creation tool so right now uh. I would like to upload the voice track that I just download from speechless. So I just hit upload and then I will do upload different voice track all right, and I have it here alright, so right now we can do preview all right.

I have this voice pretty fast, so right now, uh, because the Vidnami remember that last video I made pretty fast. So let’s just hear it how it sound when the voice we just downloaded is faster. Are you looking for the best ways to create a video for your business in this video, we will show you the best video creation tool that will help you to create many different videos for your business. Before we get started with our video, showing you all the steps that you need to take to produce engaging video content for your business, make sure you check out the special discount.

You will get $35 lifetime discount when you get this video creation tool from this link. Now, let’s start teaching you how easily you can create videos for your business, even if you have never made a video before okay guys. So I think that this speed is pretty good for this guy for this voice from uh speech, hello and it sounds really good. So I think now uh, I will be using this guy in from speech hello, a lot because I like it. So let me just do one thing. I will just try to make him hundred percent to see how it will sound when It’s uh done exactly as I downloaded it.

Are you looking for the best ways to create a video for your business in this video, we will show you the best video creation tool that will help you to create many different videos for your business. Before we get started with our video, showing you all the steps all right, I think that It’s still pretty good, but I like the faster version always because my videos need to be. Maybe when I do the martial arts, I’m kind of action guy.

I like to have it like this uh fast, but speechless voice is amazing and when you combine it with Vidnami, then you can create really professional sounding video and looking videos and the cool part is that you can do it with any language uh, because In in a speech law, you can get definitely different languages. If you, if you get these uh speechless worldwide, upgrade, which is the last one for 47, then you can translate this text and create that voiceover or you can even import YouTube captions from uh different YouTube videos and then translate it to different language and make Different video, so this is definitely a plus and I think I kind of thought it.

I will not like this, because I would think that It’s another uh artificial voice-over type of robotic sounding software, but I must say that I really do like it. So I think that if you will take your YouTube business seriously and you start producing lots of videos with Vidnami and speechless combined, then I think it will be well worth it for you and if you want to buy speech law down below, there will be link To a page where you can get it, and because I want to give you some really cool bonuses that will help you to make more money with videos that you make uh with Vidami and speech-law, then as soon as you buy, it make a screenshot of the Purchase and send it to my messenger on Facebook, which will be down below this video and just send me a message saying: hey.

I bought speech law through your link and uh. Here’S the screenshot and please give me a email where I can send you these bonuses and watch this. These bonuses are awesome, guys for buying speechless through the link below, and I’m going to show it to you what it is so first bonus is a YouTube, supermassive academy and guys. This is paid course, which you will get free from me, which will teach you how to outrank your competition on YouTube and It’s done by uh Chris Derenberger and this guy’s very professional affiliate marketer.

He really does make lots of money, and I used this course to rank my videos on YouTube and Google, so it is like amazing, and I think that if you take this training, you will know exactly how to create YouTube channel. That has the authority how to make high converting videos. So if you want to do affiliate marketing through YouTube, then you will start seeing success pretty fast, all right and then the next bonus will be WordPress, affiliate suite, which is again done by Chris Derenberger, and this is the exact WordPress plus affiliate marketing system.

So if you, if you have uh your YouTube channel, you create your YouTube videos and then you start adding basically on your channel, you have your WordPress blog and then this will teach you how to do WordPress blogs, that um rank affiliate reviews and basically things online On YouTube or on Google, then you can have two search engines, Google and YouTube, sending you traffic to your affiliate offers and again this is paid course uh. It will really give you everything you need to know, and only the most important things that you need to know when doing WordPress blogs, and I think that it will be awesome to have the knowledge to rank your blogs on the first page of Google so guys.

I think that if you are really serious in making money as an affiliate online, using videos and YouTube and even now, uh using WordPress and combine everything together for maximum results, then I think that you cannot make wrong choice to get speech law and all the Bonuses – I just show you, when you buy through the link below, but don’t forget, to send me the screenshot to my messenger on Facebook, okay. Otherwise, I don’t know that you bought it from me and obviously I cannot give you access to these crazy bonuses and before you purchase this, what I want you to do is you need to clear your cookies.

So when you click on the link below my affiliate ID should be on that checkout page. If It’s not, you have to clear the cookies. Otherwise, if you buy from someone else, I cannot give you access to these training guys really because uh. I would really recommend you sending me the screenshot of your receipt all right and I’m gonna right now show you how you check that uh you are buying it through. My link is basically when you go to when, when you click buy now, There’s gonna be the checkout and the athlete has to say link tune, one which is my affiliate link.

If It’s not saying this guys, you have to clear your cookies and then go back to this video and click the link below this video, because it is my affiliate link and it will show you this uh id okay, so guys. Thank you for watching this speech. Hello review and demo, and I hope that it will give you the information you’ve been looking for if you’ve been on the fence uh, but on buying speech law, because you thought that it will sound like the other, robotic sounding uh voice-over programs, then I hope That this video showed you that It’s not the case and It’s really good program and with combination with Vidami. You can definitely create professional sounding videos and make really good money with YouTube, marketing and affiliate marketing.

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