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Speechelo Review // The Speechelo walkthrough and tutorial and does Speechelo work. The Speechelo review and is Spechello legit? The Speechello walkthrough will help you 100% Get Speechello HERE: https://inthe-know.com/speechelo

Speechelo review and training and walkthrough does it really work, I’m Bryan Toder of Bryan Toder comm, and I show people just like you how to finally make money online and if you want to really make money online click on the link below this video on how I can help you be sure to subscribe to this channel, ring the bell for the updates and hit the like. Okay. I know It’s a little corny, but this program actually works and I’m going to show you the whole sales pitch all the upsells and we’ll even go inside the app and show you all the bells and whistles. And should you get it, should you get the updates and everything?

So let’s go so here we are on the sales page of speech, hello, I’m going to tell you right now, I’m very impressed with this product and, if you’re in the video business. This is a great tool and I’ll show you the front end product and all the upsells, and I did buy this to show you how this works. Now you know that I love vidnami. The one thing about venom is their auto voice. Their auto voice sounds like a robot, and you could do a few things with it that you can change the voice to make it a little bit more natural. However Speechelo has just.

It is so good that you can actually make a video. That sounds real, for instance, this is their sales, video, just listen to this for a little bit since the dawns of humanity, people would gather around the fire and listen to stories. that’s why a good video is not efficient without a good voiceover that tells the actual the problem is that not all of us have a nice friendly voice like Morgan Freeman, or we just don’t, feel comfortable recording ourselves previously, the solution was to hire a professional voice-over Artist, doesn’t that sound real?

It’s it’s quite amazing. So this is Speechelo and It’s basically gonna to say this three steps, you paste in your text and you choose a voice and then I’ll show you all this inside and then you push a button and within five seconds I’ve really impressed that’s five seconds. You get your audio and it does work. You need to download it and It’s it’s pretty neat the nice thing is they have a price right now, forty seven dollars now they’re, threatening that this is gonna go to a hundred dollars. I don’t know maybe, but this is one fee, no monthly fee, one-time investment, forty-seven dollars – and I bought this so that you can see inside of us now in their sales page.

They do have a point and you really only have three options. You can outsource your video and when I started my video journey, I did that for a really small time. I had the money to do it and it was so expensive. I mean hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a small video and I decided to do it myself. Now you can use robotic voices and I never liked them. I I can’t listen to them. I don’t really take them seriously and option three. Is this product again? Forty?

Seven dollars it does work and they have a number of different types of voices. They have English. Of course they have kid voices which is interesting because, let’s say you’re you’re doing a video, maybe some kind of a game. You want a kid talking about it. Well, you could do it female French, Spanish, all kinds of different languages really amazed, and this is their full list of their voices. The nice thing is, you could download the voice that you created as an mp3. I don’t really use these programs.

I use because I have a Mac, I use ScreenFlow and I’m also using filmora, but I can easily import the mp3 file that you get from this into just about anything. So some of this features are you get 30 plus voices and you can you can put in breathing. So you know It’s a very natural voice, but a lot of times you inhale or exhale, and it can do that. It’s it’s fascinating. Through 23 languages you can make voice tone, so you could put inflections in it and change the speed and other features in the voice.

Okay, so we’re inside the blasters suite and what that means is the blaster suite comprised of lingo blaster caption Iser, the thumbnail blaster, which I do ohm and speech ello, which we’re going to talk about now. So in this program, when you open it up, it shows you what you own. Now I have I own all of the upsells, so I have the main speech. Ello and I’ll show you what that is, and then I’ll explain what the pro upgrade is and this Speechelo tube. So this is noodle around this thing and I made some of the audios already so, which the main Speechelo just the the front end product.

You get a certain amount of voices now they say that they give you 30 plus, but that includes all of the other languages. So I just speak English, so I really have one two three four voices, because Pro is with the upsell and since I bought the upsell, I also have these. But if you speak, let’s say you also speech French. You get these voices, but since I’m just an English-speaking guy, that’s all I get now. There are two types of engines: one is the AI voice, which is more of the mechanical voice that you normally hear. As you know, I love vidnami and they have this type of voice, the AI voice, and with this voice you have these types of tones.

You have a normal tone, which is more mechanical, the friendly tone, which is basically the type of voice I’m doing right now. This is my real voice, but It’s it has a lot of inflections and a serious tone where, if you’re doing something like this – and you just want to explain something – It’s very serious and it sounds more like that in the AI voice you get the ability to Put pauses on the voice just like that and I’ll show you what that means – and these are the different voices that come with the original version of this program. Just the speechelo, not the pro.

This is the one that a lot of people use is the Billy Billy Joey hi, I’m Billy. I am a native English speaker and Rosie hi, I’m Rosie, I am a native English speaker. Owen is a kid hi. I’m Owen, I am a native English speaker. Is that cool now these are professional and you have Henry, which is my least favorite hi, I’m Henry. I am a native English speaker, I’m going to enter the text into this box just like that now notice that I use a few punctuation in this There’s an ellipsis ellipsis, There’s an exclamation point, question mark and comma and a dash. that’s really all you need now. Some of them do the same thing: the ellipse, the exclamation point and the dash causes a pause.

The question mark it sounds like a question right like that, and you can add a few more things. I’ve used the standard, I’ll show you what that means. So I’ll show you what this looks like. I made up this entire audio right here. It’s the second one and I’ll play it for you right now, speech a low review and training and walk through. Does it really work, I’m Bryan Toder from Bryan Toder comm, and I show people just like you how to finally make money online and if you want to make money online click on the link below this video and how I can help you did you hear the Pauses – and that was important, so if I remove all of these punctuation – and I did that in this one – you’ll see what that sounds like.

So let me do that. This is without any punctuation and notice that the words are a little bit closer together and it doesn’t sound as natural speech, ello review and training and walkthrough. Does it really work, I’m Bryan Toder from Bryan Toder comm, and I show people just like you how to? Finally, make money online and if you want to make money online click on the link below this video and how I can help you did you hear the difference. There is a different engine, It’s called standard where you can add breathing and when, when it adds breathing It’s more of an inhale, like that emphasize words adjust speech and pause which, which is also in the ia.

Ok, so I’ll show you how this works, so I’m gonna take out the punctuation x’ that they don’t really need and I’m going to add a pause right there and I don’t want two seconds I’ll. Do like a half a second speech, ello review and training and walkthrough. Does it really work alright? So I’m going to emphasize that notice it puts you know they put the these words here in the Brack brackets, I’m Bryan Toder from Bryan Toder comm. I show people just like you re emphasize how to finally emphasize make money online and if you want to make money online click on the link below this video and how I can help you okay.

Now, if I would play this, it would sound really slow. So I’m gonna preview at this and it only preview a few seconds speech it low review and training and walkthrough doesn’t really work. I’m Bryan Toder It’s kind of slow. So what you do is highlight the whole thing and adjust speech and I’m going to change it to fast, we’ll leave the pitch and the volume the same and notice but start speech, fast search, speech and end speech. And if you want to hear what this sounds.

Like I that’s what I did here so I’m gonna play this for you speech, ello review and training and walkthrough. Does it really work, I’m Bryan Toder from Bryan Toder calm, and I show people just like you how to finally make money online and if you want to make money online click on the link below this video and how I can help you now. You may have also heard some breathing because I forgot to add them in here, but I did it here. I actually put a breath right here and there, so I can have an inhale like that. So the thing is, I have noticed that the AI voice sounds better, so I’m gonna play this just a little bit and then I’ll play this.

One you’ll hear the difference, speech, low review and training in watts room. Does it really work, I’m Bryan Toder? Okay, now I’m gonna play this one speech, a low review and training and walkthrough. Does it really work, I’m Bryan Toder from Bryan Toder, calm, and I so I think, having the AI voice with one of these is a lot better than the standard. With all these other things, but if you want to, if you want to play around with all of these things, with the standard with all the breathing and adjusting the speech, maybe you can mess with this enough so that it sounds great good. But you know if you’re gonna make a video, you know, I think the AI voice. It’s really good enough and it sounds great.

I want to show you how quick this this program is and how quick the voiceover is generated. So here’s the original script and I’m using AI voice, English Billy Joey generate one two two seconds and It’s done where’s the new one. It’s this one right here, speech a low review and training and walkthrough easy-peasy. So let’s talk about the pro version with standard. You get 30 voices, that’s really just a few voices. I think It’s four voices, but It’s it’s thirty, because they include all the different languages with pro you get sixty. But you can see It’s really one.

Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! that’s really all you need seriously now, with the with the pro version. Besides, getting double the amount of voices, you can create longer voice-overs on the original version, the front end: you can only create voice-overs with 700 words or less, but with the pro It’s pretty much unlimited to get around that you can create audios for 500. 600 words long and then you make another one and you make another one and you can just string them together, but It’s easier if you get the pro well, you also get background music tracks notice.

In my videos I use music. Now I don’t get the music from this company, but I use music, but if you want 40 background music tracks, you get them with us. You also get the commercial license. So that gives you the opportunity to actually use this online and you also get the bonus voice-over cash machine, which is how you can make money with this product. Now these are all the voices that you get and standard. You only get the ones that are darker with Pro you get all of these, but realize, like I said, if you just speak English you’re just going to use these, that’s that’s pretty much it.

So I’m just gonna tell you you’ll get enough in standard, and that’s really all you need with the pro. that’s all. You really need now the thing about this. First upsell, It’s a recurring charge. You either pay thirty seven dollars a month or you can pay $ 47 quarterly. Now here’s something that I didn’t realize. I decided I wasn’t gonna buy this, so I clicked on this link and no thanks I’ll just use the standard features and miss out on the special discount. So I clicked on that and then this popped up.

This is just a screenshot and I kept looking at it and I thought well wait a minute, the other one, It’s $47 dollars quarterly or $37 dollars monthly, but a one chart and one-time charge of $ 77 forever, and I got it. They really got me with that. So, yes, I want the one-time fee. So if you want the upgrade click on this link and you’ll get the opportunity, instead of getting it $37 dollars a month or forty seven dollars quarterly one payment. Seventy seven dollars forever and I think that’s probably the best way of doing this – also remember in Clickbank you get a 60-day money back guarantee.

So that’s always a good thing. So back to this, with the pro you get these extra things now I also got because this is what I do so that I can show you what what everything is. There is the Speechelo tube, and what that does. Is It’s really interesting? I can click on this and I could put in a video you could put in any YouTube link and it will create a brand new voiceover from that video. It could be any video now. You can’t steal people’s videos, but what I would recommend is, let’s say, I’m an English-speaking guy and let’s say I would like to market to India all right.

I could take one of my videos any would chain change of a voice on the video. I would take out my voice and I would – and I would put in their voice of what I just said in a different language, which is really neat now. I always hear from the members of vid Nami and There’s a lot of people who can’t speak English, or they have a very heavy accent like a heavy French German Indian. Russian also get a lot of people for a heavy Russian accent and they would love to have a video where people can actually understand them. So, instead of hiring someone to do that, this upgrade will really fix all that.

So let’s say you’re, you can speak French, but you want it to turn into English. You would take your YouTube video. It will make the English version of that and I think that’s a great way of making money, and this is a great thing so, like this says, you enter the YouTube link and then you choose a voice, click a button, and It’s done It’s just that simple Seriously, the nice thing is, it was a one-time payment of $ 37 and you know what I got one more thing: there was another one-time offer that I didn’t get because I already had it It’s the thumbnail blaster.

This is the thumbnail blaster in my account, and you can create thumbnails right inside the blaster suite. This is really neat and if you have a problem making thumbnails, this is a good way of of doing this and It’s a nice upsell. So in Speechelo the training is really neat and It’s only six minutes and four seconds long. This is it surprisingly. It’s basically good. It tells you everything that you need to know with with this. So when you log on the first time, you click on this and you’ll, learn it in six minutes and I’m really impressed that it actually works now. How do you use this? Well, if I wanted this audio, that’s the one speechelo, review and training in walkthrough have to do is download this downloads, It’s an mp3 file and if I go into ScreenFlow, so I can make a video on vidnami or something with me on screen, and all I have to do is drag that audio into It match it up and I have a real video. It’s easy and that’s what I really like about this, because I’m surprised that it does work.

So I would suggest, if you’re in the video business or, if you’re, trying to create something or if you use vid, Nami and you’re, not really comfortable with the voices on this product, you can upload a voice track because they’re Auto voice sound like this hi. My name is Luke and I would love to read the script for your video. It sounds very mechanical like so you can create your audio here, download it go to Vietnam II upload and then it uploads into your video that you made in vidnami and then once It’s done, you preview it adjust it download it and you’re done amazing how It actually works, so you can use venom with this or you can just do it with your own computer, without your with your own phone, your own camera, whatever you want, I highly recommend Speechelo and if you want Speechelo, there are links below this video Get it and it has a 60-day money-back guarantee on Clickbank.

You know It’s nice when There’s a product that actually works and it does what they say It’s going to do on the sales page. The upsells are actually good, and this is a product that can really help you, your business, make money, you know I’m sold. I am because I bought it. I bought all of them, so There’s a link below to Speechelo under this video, and if you want to find out how I actually do make money online and how I can help you There’s a link below to Bryan Toder comm click on it. You’ll get into my funnel you’ll, see what I’m doing and you can actually contact me and I’ll help you It’s really simple.

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