Speechelo Review and Demo – Speechelo Text To Speech Software

Speechelo is an amazing text-to-speech software that sounds just like a real person. Cloud-based so there is nothing to install.

Speechelo allows you to instantly transform any text into 100% human-sounding Voiceover in only 3 easy clicks.

Get Speechelo here:

Speechelo is not limited to English alone. Speechelo works in 23 other languages including:
Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh

Speechelo lets you transform any text into speech with the option of using either a male or female voice. You can even choose different accents.

Speechelo also allows you to add inflection to your voiceover for further control.

You can choose from 3 tones:
– Normal
– Joyful
– Serious

Speechelo downloads your voice to text translation in .MP3 format so it will work with any video editing software.

Speechelo is so easy to use and takes mere seconds to translate your text.
Step 1
Paste your test into the cloud-base text editor.
Step 2
Choose a language and a voice
Step 3
Generate and download in seconds.

You’ll be able to listen to your translation before you download in case you want to try a different voice or edit it in any way.

You’ll love how easy Speechelo is and how fast it translates your text to speech.

Speechelo $47 + tax
– 30 Voices
– Unlimited Translations
– 700 word limit per translation

Speechelo PRO (Commercial) Quarterly Rebill $47 + tax
-60 Voices
-Unlimited Translations
-Unlimited words per translation
-Full Commercial rights to sell translations and keep all profits
-40 background music tracks
-BONUS Voice-Over-Cash-Machine – shows you how to post voiceover gigs.

Speechelo Tube (If Available-Limited Licenses) $37
-Enter any YouTube link and create a new voiceover in the same language OR
-Translate it into any of the Speechelo available languages.

Step 1
Paste your YouTube link into the cloud-base text editor.
Step 2
Choose a language and a voice
Step 3
Generate and download in seconds.

I love this software because it is so simple yet sounds so professional.

This is laura from how to howdy and in this video I am going to invite you into my dashboard of Speechelo, which is the newest text-to-speech software by the same people who brought you thumbnail, blaster, lingo, blaster, 2 and city blaster. So, let’s get right to it, so I’ve been excited for this to come out because I’ve seen a couple demos earlier and it just is really really good software and the translations just sounds really good and you will see how absolutely simple this is to do Now I went ahead and bought the basics Speechelo, which gives you 30 voices and I upgraded to pro, which gives you twice the amount of voices and also gives you a lot more verbage.

You can use in each translation and Speechelo tube and we’re going to go over those a little bit later, but I just wanted to show you how easy this was. So this is how simple it is. You paste your text in here and over here. Is the settings this is where you set everything up, so I’m going to be using us English. They suggest you use A.I. voice and there is some limitations. Click on here is only for specific languages and voices, but they say uh. You should use it if It’s an option because they built in the software to do pauses and breathing. They want to them.

They actually create it. So it sounds really natural. But if you want to do editing and go in there and add breathing emphasize words or adjust the speech in any way you can manually do that here. So let’s say you want to say baby and you want to emphasize it. You just highlight it: boom emphasize the word boom and it will emphasize the word baby um. So you can edit that and uh. that’s that’s a great option, but they suggest just just go ahead and choose the A.I. voice.

Yes switch engine because they say that It’s designed to sound great with or without it, so you can choose, you can run it. Try it. If you don’t like it, you can go back and try it as standard so uh. Here you can listen to the voices that are available: hi, I’m billy, um hi, I’m Ellie; okay, so I’m just gonna try, daisy, I’m Rosie. Okay, let’s try Rosie so we’re just gonna use Rosie for this translation and then you get to choose a normal tone, a friendly tone or a serious tone. So I’m just going to try normal tone. So, let’s, let’s try that generate it. What happened here?

Oh, I’ve got to get rid of that. Okay, I see because It’s there we go that’s good to know, because It’s got this emphasis in there. Let’s get rid of that and see. If that’s going to work, they didn’t like that because I actually used the standard. Did some editing, and so let’s see if that’ll work? Aha, they didn’t like that. Okay good to know so we’re gonna go here and say: okay and we’re gonna go down and listen to this as soon as you find out, you’re expecting a baby. You usually begin to go over the list in your head for the must-have items on top of the essentials, such as the pro so as you can see, that sounds pretty good.

Now, if you don’t like it, you can go and try another voice and when you do like it uh well, you can. You can delete it or, if you do like it, you just download it as an mp3 and It’s it’s ready to be uploaded for your USAge um. I think that sounded pretty good. I don’t know about you, but I think I think that sounded pretty darn good. So um, let’s go over the basic uh basic upgrades here speech.

Hello is roughly 40 dollars with tax. I went ahead and got that you get 30 voices and the problem with this one I wouldn’t say problem the limit with this one is, you only have, can do 700 words um. So if you want to do something longer than this, then you have to upgrade to the pro, which is unlimited words in your text-to-speech translation, so that would be an option if you think that you need longer uh longer verbiage.

Now you can avoid that if you want by just doing, maybe you know, do run on two mp3s together, you know, do the first one with 700 words, the second one was 700 words um. That would be an option um, but I got the pro because you can also use this. It’s a commercial license. You can use it to sell any um any text-to-speech that you create, and it also has some training that comes along how to generate income.

Using this pro feature, the next one that, I think is really cool, is the Speechelo tube, and what that does. Is you basically just go in and you grab a video? Let me see if I still have. No, that’s not it that’s bad. I shouldn’t have done that. Delete delete delete delete, so I need to go in here and grab a video and let’s paste that right here and let’s see what available captions are there. So There’s an English one because It’s off English, but I want to translate and look at all the languages that I can translate it to. I can translate it to Korean to Polish to Portuguese.

It reads the text, my caption, and it translates it to the language of your choice. So, let’s see um, let’s see what a German voice sounds like. So let’s see we’re going to import this we’re going to do this in German, okay. So the only thing the only limit that I have on this is you’re going to have to go in and you’re going to have to find, let’s say: you’re using uh affiliate. Let’s say like I’m using snatch it um, I’m using the word snatch it. I need to there, it is nope see they found it right there.

They found it right there, but you might have to go in there and do some editing to make sure that some words aren’t translated like my channel name. So that’s one um thing you need to look for. So let’s listen to the voiceover you can choose like here. You have some limitations. Um. Let’s do let’s do here and, as you can see, the A.I. voice isn’t available. It’s just a standard. So let’s generate it, and here you can emphasize word – you can add breathing you can adjust speech but since I don’t know German at all, There’s not much. I can do with that, but let’s generate this there we go that didn’t. Take too long.

I’d say what about fifteen-twenty seconds, so, let’s listen to this music here this is now. I can pretend that that sounds great because I don’t know Germans, I don’t know, but I do speak a little Spanish. I should probably done a little Spanish here um, but if it sounds good and you can either delete it or you can download it and utilize it um, so I think that that is a great option. I think this one was forty dollars. The YouTube translation was initial forty dollars, so this was 40. This was 50.

This was $40 so $140 for the whole thing, and I do think, There’s a limit. They said they’re gonna limit um this option, this Speechelo tube they’re, not gon, na sell it to everybody. So if you were to get this, I would absolutely go with the pro, because that allows you to get much better um. You know much longer details.

Much longer descriptions and also get the commercializing and some special training. So I just think this is a phenomenal software. Text-To-Speech can be expensive if you want to. You know pay for it like on fiverr, and this is a really good simple option. As you can see, um to create uh text-to-speech translations on your uh websites on your YouTube channel, which I think is great, if you want to start another YouTube channel, specifically trent, you know, transfer uh your videos over there and start them and create them.

Only in specific languages that would be something to think about, but hopefully this was helpful. Like I said I love the software. I think It’s really top of the line like all of their products. I think they do a really good job, and so I hope this was helpful and uh really thank you.

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