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Speechelo Review:

Vlad and his team have created Speechelo and have added it to their existing line of great products (including Thumbnailblaster and LingoBlaster). Of course they claim that their text to speech app is the best, but is it? Let’s find out…

Speechelo front end is currently $47 and is a cloud based software.

It takes a piece of text that you provide and it converts it into a realistic voice file. When I say realistic I mean super realistic. The voice generation in Speechelo left me speechless!

Key Features of Speechelo:

  • Cloud based app which allows you to type in or paste in your text
  • Select from 30 voices (front end)
  • Change speed and tone of voice
  • Add in breathing markers
  • Some voices have AI capability which allows them to automatically “know” how to read text, pause etc.

All you need to do is:

  • Log into the cloud based Speechelo App.
  • Paste in your text
  • Select a voice
  • Click generate and save!

Negative points

Honestly there is nothing negative I can say as Vlad and team offer an amazing front end product which is in no way crippled. Do note you can only generate voice for up to 700 words (average size of blog article and just under 4 minutes reading time).

But of course you just keep pasting in 700 words and combine 3 or 4 audio files together.

Hey guys, It’s Richard’s assistant here doing the intro to this video he’s going to talk about a new product which is really cool. Now, why would Richard need an assistant? Well, why not? It seems to be the trend these days to have an assistant, but did you know that I don’t actually exist? I do have a name and It’s billy, but I am a computer-generated voice, pretty cool right. You know if Richard’s not careful, I may end up taking over his voice. Okay, Richard take it away, hey guys how you doing It’s Richard butler. First of all, I want to say thank you to my new assistant billy for giving me that intro, but can you believe that Philly doesn’t actually exist?

Billy is a generated voice, and that is what this video is about today. So a lot of people that I talk to say to me. I want to create videos. I want to create a podcast. I want to uh use a voice to uh narrate an article or an ebook or a course, but I don’t like the sound of my voice. What can I do well up to now, It’s been quite difficult because what you could do is you could go to fiverr and you could actually uh hire somebody to do a voiceover for you, but 15 seconds voiceover is probably going to cost you at least five Or six dollars, which can be that work out expensive, obviously, and up to this point, computer generated voices have been really really poor.

You can tell that they’re computer generated. You know that It’s not a real human being speaking so a couple of weeks ago I saw a new product called speechless, our speech, hello, I’m i’m not sure exactly how to pronounce it and it was being given away as a bonus, but I didn’t want to Buy the end product because I didn’t really like the product, so I decided to wait and invest in the product when it actually came out. So that’s exactly what I did now who is who is behind this um product?

Well, the guys who have created thumbnail blaster on thumbnail blaster is I’ve reviewed it. You should see a link to the review just above um and I actually bought that a while ago and what it does is. It creates amazing thumbnails for YouTube. Now I actually met the product creator vlad here in Barcelona uh. I think it was back in October November uh. He was here at a conference really nice guy and I have to say this is one of those guys who actually makes products that last and that are actually real, really really good quality.

So I decided that I would jump in and I would pick up speechless. So let’s talk about speech law so within speech low on the front end, which is 47 once off payment. You actually get access to 60 different voices. Uh each voice comes with a from a particular language. So, for example, I have English us. I have English British. I have English Indian and when you go into any of the voices you will see the ones that are available. You can hear a sample and you will see the ones that are for pro members, so you can upgrade to pro and you get access to more voices.

Now, within some of the voices, you have a standard voice and an A.I. voice and the A.I. voice is available for specific languages and for specific voices, and it is meant to give a better, more natural tone. So, for example, in this version, I found that billy was available in A.I. uh Rosie as well. Uh owen is not okay in the English British uh. If I click on ai, okay, it says switch engine and I say yes and I see that none of the British voices that I have here are actually available and then I have, for example, if I wanted French I could go to the air there, but I Don’t actually have it, so It’s only definitely in certain voices that I can actually use uh A.I. and, as you click through, you will find them now.

Here’s one of the great advantages here that if you are um an Italian speaker, you could actually select one of the voices here. You could put type everything in here in Italian or copy and paste, and then you simply generate the voice-over and it does it in seconds. If I click on generate voice-over uh, it comes up and that’s it. It’s actually done here and then, if I were to play that, I would hear it in that Italian voice. If I go to download it will actually download for me now when you, if you upgrade and There’s a as normal There’s a lot of sort of uh one-time offers.

If you upgrade to pro, you do get more voices and you get the unlimited length of actual talking here, and what do I mean by that? Well, in the front-end version, you get 700 words which is not bad because, for example, if I go into an article here, uh this whole article here, I think, was just over 690 words. So there is a limit there. If you had an ebook that was 10 000 words long, you would have to go in and break it up into 600 or 700 word blocks and then generate all the voices but you’re not limited here to how many times you can generate a voice or Convert an article you are just limited to the amount of words per generation that you can do so I have generalized or used 27 uh, 20,000 characters, but I’m not limited on a per monthly basis or on a yearly basis, etc. So that’s pretty good.

One of the other things that you could do is you could use this as a podcast, so you could actually take articles and you could generate and I’ll put some examples in the uh just in the description so that you can actually hear the different voices And what they do now, if you use the standard voice, you can add breathing. So what you do is you highlight here and you say, add, breathing and then what happens is the person takes a breath before they actually speak so again, I’ll give you samples of that. But this is a really good product for forty seven dollars.

You can generate uh. These voices you could. What I’ve seen on some websites is that you could put uh your article up and then you could have the actual audio version as well. If you wish, you could use it for a podcast, you could use it for sales page. You could use it for a powerpoint presentation if you wanted to record it, but you want to use your voice. So this is really something that I think is an essential piece of kit and I really do think that It’s great value because it is from a developer a that I’ve met. So I know he exists.

He has a lot of different products already out and he kind of focuses in on language and captions and thumbnails. So he knows what he’s talking about and this just works. There’s no major limitations, because a lot of the software that you know comes across my desk to review has a limit on the front end.

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