How To Know Who Is Your Soulmate

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It’s no secret that finding a partner can be difficult, but sometimes it’s even more challenging to find a true soul mate with whom you share the same level of emotion and connection.

Everyone wants to find happiness in their relationships, but what makes one person a better fit than another? While many factors play into this equation, understanding the basics of human interaction will help you recognize when someone might be the one for you.

What Are The Signs Of A True “Soul Mate” Relationship

A soul mate doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship. It could also refer to a good friend or someone you see as a life partner. So, what does a soul mate look like?

According to psychologist Dr. David M. DeSteno, author of How We Think: Exploring the Mind Behind the Brain, people have different definitions of what they want from a long-term partner. Some people believe that finding love means having an exclusive partner, while others think true love should come without strings attached. Regardless of which definition you choose to follow, there are some essential traits everyone should possess when looking for an actual match.

They must make you feel safe, comfortable, accepted, and loved. Second, they need to understand and get all of your quirks. Third, they shouldn’t expect you to change for them. Fourth, they need to be able to express their emotions to show that they care. Fifth, they need to be loyal to you.

If you’re still wondering whether or not your current partner is the right one for you, here are six signs to consider.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Your Match In Life?

In the beginning stages of any new relationship, it may be easy to focus on superficial things and ignore the deeper meaning behind those features. This is why it’s essential to explore these details before deciding whether or not you’re truly compatible with each other.

Psychologists say that most people gravitate toward similar partners. A study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that we are likely to pair up with individuals who are similar to us in age, ethnicity, religion, education, social status, income, and political beliefs. However, once we become committed, we appreciate our differences instead.

So, how can you tell if a potential partner is on the same page as you?

The Best Dating Advice I Ever Got From My Mom

One of my biggest dating regrets was wasting time trying to figure out who was right for me before I met the right person. Thankfully, my mom always gave me great advice when needed. Here are some of her best tips for identifying the perfect match.

  • They don’t give you the silent treatment. One of the first things I learned about being in a relationship was that silence isn’t a sign of disrespect. Most people assume that when you don’t respond immediately in a conversation, you ignore them or are disinterested in their company. Instead of taking something negative, try to ask questions or start discussions to get to know the other person better.
  • They respect your space. You should never feel like they’re invading your bubble when you’re talking to someone. Even if you’re getting along well with someone, push them away if they start getting too close to you. They should never be allowed to invade your personal space. Make sure the physical distance between you and your significant other is clear, so you both know where the lines are drawn.
  • They aren’t afraid to admit what’s wrong. We often hold back from telling others we’re upset because we’re worried they won’t be sympathetic. However, admitting your problems shows the person you’re with that you trust them enough to open up when you need help. Plus, they’ll know that you value honesty in a relationship.
  • They show more emotion than just anger or sadness. You can easily pick out the people who only show anger or sadness because they’re usually angry or sad. However, when you meet someone who shows both anger and sadness, you can rest assured that they’re feeling everything you are.

They Don’t Give Up On Love Too Soon

Most people wait until after they’ve dated a few times before considering marriage. While it’s tempting to skip this step, knowing if this person would commit to you before entering a severe relationship is essential. If you’re serious about a commitment, you want to ensure that this person is as committed to you as they are to them.

Dr. DeSteno says that if you decide to move forward with a potential partner, you should be ready to deal with disappointment if your expectations aren’t met. According to him, that’s normal and healthy:

“If you want a relationship that is going to last — and let’s face it, most of us do — then you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that it won’t work. It will disappoint you. It might leave you feeling betrayed. But if you’re okay with that, you’re already ahead of the game.”

Their Interests And Goals Lineup Perfectly With Your Own

In a committed relationship, you want to find someone interested in the same activities and interests. However, if you’re very involved in your hobbies and goals, your partner won’t be as excited about the same things as you are.

Dr. Debno says that if you’re worried about this, it’s probably a good idea to start taking steps to improve your interests to attract someone who shares them. He suggests you start by doing the opposite of what you typically do to avoid boredom. If you usually go to yoga class every day, stop going to yoga class every day. Instead of eating fast food every day, eat healthier foods. It’s also a good idea to join groups that interest you instead of hanging around people who are less invested in your hobby.

They Want What You Have But Aren’t Afraid To Ask For It

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to date someone, you want to ensure that this person is willing to meet your materialistic demands. However, you don’t want to appear greedy because that will turn people off you. According to Dr. DeSteno, it’s important to remember that even though you deserve to be treated well, other people have different standards:

“People who are used to living beyond their means may find it difficult to adjust to someone who lives within his or her means.”

They Show More Emotion Than Just Anger Or Sadness

While you may be used to seeing your partner act angry or sad, this person should show a range of positive emotions. Dr. DeSteno says that to find a true soul mate, you must learn how to identify each other’s feelings. Here are some examples of different types of emotions that you should be aware of:

Loving: This is when your partner expresses affection towards you.

Interested: This is when your partner is showing interest in you.

Happy: This is when your partner is comfortable.

Excited: This is when your partner is excited about something.

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