How To Know He’s Your Soulmate

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We all want our relationships and love lives to be perfect. But what if they’re not? What can we do about it, anyway?

The Problem With Perfections

It starts with our expectations of perfection in a partner or relationship. We set high standards for ourselves (and others) that are hard to meet.

The average person has around 500 unmet needs. And each of us is different. So one person might need “someone who always makes me laugh.” Another might say, “I need someone who will never hurt my feelings.” And so on.

We also look for specific traits or characteristics in potential partners. So when we find someone who meets these criteria, we feel like we’ve found our soul mate.

But what if you meet someone who doesn’t have those exact qualities or traits? What if something is missing from your ideal match? Or what if there’s another trait that you don’t care about but that he does?

If you’ve met someone in this category, you may know him as your “fake boyfriend or girlfriend.” But if you haven’t met anyone who is genuinely suitable for you, you may wonder whether you’ll ever find true love.

What Is A “Soul Mate” Relationship Like?

A “soul mate” relationship is often characterized by two characteristics often overlooked in other types: 1) you’re both committed to the relationship, and 2) you share deep emotional connections.

Research has shown that people who believe they’re soul mates are more likely to be satisfied with their partnerships than couples just dating. And when you dig deeper, you realize that this type of relationship provides many benefits for both partners—especially those of us looking to improve our romantic relationships.

Here’s how to spot a soul mate from a fake one.

1. You Both Are 100% Committed

One of the hallmarks of a soul mate relationship is that you’re both 100 percent committed to the relationship. This means you’re both ready to take risks and explore new experiences together, even if it means moving across the country or starting a business venture together. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day challenges of a relationship, especially if you’re trying to start a family or run a household. But if you’re committed to your significant other and their goals, you can work through any obstacles together. In a fake relationship, only one partner is committed.

2. You Share Emotional Connections

Another defining characteristic of a soul mate relationship is that you share solid emotional connections. True soul mates are fiercely loyal to each other because they bring out the best in the other. They know precisely what the other person wants, which makes them great communicators and leaders. They don’t try to control the other person because they’ve learned that no matter what they do, the other loves and respects them for who they are.

3. You Work On Yourself Together

You work on yourself together in a real soul mate relationship. Because you have a shared vision for where life is going, you’re motivated to grow personally and professionally. This means you’re open to taking risks and changing careers because you’re confident you won’t disappoint the other person. You’re willing to spend time and effort learning new skills and building a better future together.

4. You Respect Each Other’s Boundaries

A crucial part of having a soul mate relationship is respecting each other’s boundaries. If you’re constantly pushing the other person to go further than they’d typically go, you’re not going to achieve your desired level of success. Instead, you should both have clear boundaries that you agree upon. That way, neither of you feels pressured to compromise.

5. You Don’t Compare Yourself to Each Other

You’re both aware of your strengths and weaknesses and celebrate them. You don’t compare yourselves or focus too much on what you don’t have. You recognize that everyone has unique qualities and that you complement each other well. When you’re in a soul mate relationship, you have a solid sense of self and confidence in knowing you’re good enough to be with someone else.

6. You See Eye-to-Eye on Future Plans

You’re both excited about the same things in life. You see eye-to-eye on significant decisions like career direction and family planning. You support each other’s dreams, and you can bounce ideas off each other to make sure they’re realistic.

7. You Have Similar Values and Beliefs

You share similar values and beliefs if you’re in a soulmate relationship. You might have different opinions on issues (such as politics or religion) but agree on most things. You’re on the same page regarding what matters most to you in life. This includes things like money, health, spirituality, and social justice.

8. You Make Decisions Together

In a real soul mate relationship, you make decisions together. You trust one another’s instincts and intuition. You respect each other’s points of view and give each additional space to process information and consider options before making a decision. You’re comfortable deciding without first consulting your partner. As a result, you’re less likely to make poor choices based on fear or uncertainty.

9. You Accept Each Other’s Differences

In a soul mate relationship, you accept each other’s differences. You’re OK with each other’s quirks and foibles. You understand that everyone has their ways of approaching life, and you’re willing to embrace those differences instead of fighting against them. In a fake relationship, you constantly argue over finances, sex, and children.

Tips For Finding The Right Partner

What can you do if you’ve already fallen for someone’s charm? Here are some strategies to help you identify if your relationship is a soul mate:

1. Do You Feel Happy Together?

This isn’t a test. There’s no correct answer here. Just ask yourself: Do you enjoy spending time with this person? What do you do together for fun? How does this person contribute to your happiness?

2. Do You Feel Close Together?

There’s a difference between feeling close and feeling intimate. Intimacy happens when you share secrets, show affection, engage in sexual activities, and discuss things you wouldn’t otherwise discuss. Feelings of closeness happen on a smaller scale, but they’re still important. Ask yourself: Do you feel closer to this person than you would with someone else?

3. Does This Person Make You Feel More Alive?

Your partner should make you feel alive. Your relationship isn’t healthy if you lose interest in your daily routine and dread coming home from work. Ask yourself: Am I energized after spending time with this person?

4. Can You Give And Take Love?

Love is an act of giving and receiving. It requires patience, commitment, vulnerability, and honesty. If you feel like you’re stuck in the middle ground between giving and taking, you’re probably in a fake relationship that isn’t a soul mate. Ask yourself: am I a loving, generous person? Can I express myself freely and fully?

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