How To Find Your Soulmate In Birth Chart

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The astrology and numerology fields are full of theories, but there’s one more accurate than any other — the theory about soul mate compatibility. How do you find your perfect match?


In numerology, we look at numbers to understand people and the world around us. Numbers can reveal hidden talents, personality traits, and potential future events. People with different combinations of numbers tend to have certain personality traits.

It’s important to note that not all numbers are created equal. Some are better than others when it comes to predicting our future. If you want to get good at using numbers for personal growth, check out this article on learning about yourself through numbers.

Astrological Analysis

If you like astrology, you probably know there are 12 zodiac signs based on the time of year you were born. There are also 12 houses in which each character resides. Each house represents a different area of life. Most people are best suited to two or three places, while some are restricted to only one. We can use the houses to help us understand where we should focus our energy.

Each house has its unique qualities and challenges associated with them. The most famous place to focus your energy on is the 2nd house because it relates to career success, earning money, starting new ventures, and working on relationships. This makes sense if you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur or launching a business venture.

While many believe that the 1st house rules love, health, and home, it refers to emotional security, self-esteem, and how well you feel about yourself. It’s important to remember that even though you are likely to feel more comfortable in a particular house, you may need to work on other areas of your life to reach your goals. For example, someone who feels secure in their financial situation might still need to improve their romantic relationships.

Birth Chart Matching

We’ve discussed zodiac signs and houses, but let’s discuss something else important: birth charts. A birth chart is a map of your entire life. It shows how your sun (the planet that governs your life) interacts with other planets and influences your daily life.

Your sun is located in the middle of the chart. While most planets orbit around it, they don’t stay put. They move around the chart until they return to their origin.

Your birth chart is divided into four quadrants. The upper right corner contains your Ascendant, where you emerge from the womb. The lower left corner covers your Descendant or Moon. The upper left corner holds your Midheaven or Rising Sign, the point where your life path changes direction.

The lower right corner is made up of your Imum Coeli or IC, which is the most distant point from your birth location. Every point on your chart is represented by a symbol called a “house.”

There are 12 houses in total. As you can see in the illustration below, each home is represented by a different color.

Here are the meanings of the houses on your chart according to

The Ascendant: It gives you your character and general outlook on life. It’s one of the most vital points of an individual’s horoscope. Think of the Ascendant as your signature. It sets the tone for everything else in your chart.

The Midheaven: When you take your life path, the Midheaven is where you change directions. It’s the point where your life is going to start taking off. This house is considered to be the most crucial house on your chart.

The Imum Coeli or IC: The Imum Coeli is the most distant point from your birthplace. It’s usually where you end up in life after living your childhood. The Imum Coeli is the place where your soul meets itself.

The Analisis: The Analisis is the last house of your chart. It’s the point where you make your final decision and face to-face with your destiny. The analysis often reflects the kind of person you become throughout your life.

The houses are arranged from the Ascendant to the Imum Coeli. Your natal chart will tell you how well your life matches your birth date and time. The graph will also show whether your life has been successful. Here’s what says about the houses:

More Ways to Find a Partner

Now that we’ve covered finding a partner, it’s time to figure out what works best for you. Below are six ways to find the right partner for you.

1. Use an Online Dating Site

Online dating sites allow you to search for compatible partners without leaving your computer. Setting up a profile, sending messages to people, and viewing profiles before deciding to meet in person is easy. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you could join a site that helps you connect with people from all over the globe. Sites like eHarmony,, and OkCupid have plenty of members.

2. Join a Group

If online dating isn’t your thing, try joining a group instead. Many groups are formed specifically for singles looking for companionship. These groups provide a space for people to share interests and activities. Groups help you find friends outside of your usual circle of family and friends.

3. Ask Around

You could also ask your friends and family about their experiences with dating and marriage. Don’t worry if they aren’t too forthcoming. Just ask them directly what they think works best for them. You’ll be surprised how many people will give you honest answers!

4. Attend Seminars

If you’d rather stay local, you could attend seminars where experts discuss relationship-related topics. Discussions can range from improving communication skills to discovering why men cheat on women.

For example, here’s what a seminar on Astro-numerology would cover:

Finding The Right Person For You

Even though you may have researched finding a suitable partner, it’s always helpful to hear advice from someone else. Read on to discover more tips to keep you happy no matter whom you marry.

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