How To Find The Name Of Your Soulmate

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There’s something about how people describe their soul mates that makes them sound so unique, perfect, and utterly unique. And while it may take time before you meet one, if you’re looking for a sign that someone could be your soulmate, you need not look any further than your birthday.

For most people worldwide, their birthday has been ingrained into their lives since birth. It’s an important day, marking their entrance into this world, the first year of their life, and how old they are today. So what does your birthday hold?

As humans, we all have different names, depending on our nationality and religion. For example, my name is Rebecca, and I’m Jewish — so according to Jewish tradition, my name consists of 2 letters, followed by seven numbers, and then a letter (like R+1D).

Naming Your Signature Number

In ancient times, people believed that a person’s name was written on the palm of their hand. So if a young girl saw her palm, she would know everything about herself just by looking at it. (Of course, this isn’t true.) But in some cultures today, there are still traditions where people use their hands to tell fortunes, and the same principle holds.

For example, in India, people often write their full name on their palms using ash so that when someone looks at their palm, they can see exactly who they are. They believe that palm reading is a powerful tool that helps give insight into a person’s inner self.

In the United States, the practice of writing names on the palms of hands dates back to when everyone had two hands. Before personal computers, people wrote their total words on pieces of paper, which they kept on their desks. We’ll probably do away with these old traditions in the future, but until then, your name is likely written somewhere on your body.

We assign a set of letters, numbers, and symbols to each person on Earth because our names represent our individuality, and the only way to find out how unique you are is to know your name.

Some people don’t like their names because they’re too long or lack any particular meaning. But if you think about it, your name contains several parts that make up your personality. There’s your surname (usually from your parents) and your given name (generally your middle name). Then there’s also your nickname, pet’s name, favorite song, etc.

So, if you want to find out what kind of person you are, you have to figure out your name — and the best place to start is with your birth date.

Finding Your Signatures’ Code Using Astrology

Astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers, and fortune-tellers use different methods to determine a person’s signature number. These techniques include finding your Sun Sign or your Moon Sign.

But the method that seems to work best for most people is using the planets closest to Earth at birth. If you’re wondering exactly which planet this is, here’s a quick list of the ones you must worry about.

  • Sun – the brightest star in the sky, located in the center of the solar system. Your sun sign is determined by the time of year you were born.
  • Moon – the natural satellite that orbits our planet. It’s the smallest moon in the sky and appears roughly 14 days after your birthday.
  • Mercury – the fastest moving planet in the solar system and the “messenger” of the gods. Mercury rules communication, travel, and education.
  • Venus – is the second largest planet in the solar system. Venus rules beauty, romance, and relationships as the goddess of love.
  • Mars – the god of war, represents aggression and passion. Mars rules both men and women equally. Mars rules Aries and Gemini, while Virgo and Libra are not.
  • Jupiter – the ruler of heaven and the king of kings. Jupiter governs fame, abundance, and expansion.
  • Saturn – the lord of time and the god of patience, endurance, and responsibility. Saturn rules business, money, and stability.
  • Uranus – the rebel, rebel, rebel. Uranus rules innovation, change, and creativity. Most people who fall under Uranus’s rule are rebels.
  • Neptune – the ruler of dreams and mystery. Neptune rules spirituality and the unknown.
  • Pluto – the God of death and rebirth. Pluto rules ambition, power, and destruction. Its rulers tend to be ambitious and destructive.

Each planet has its characteristics, so the closer it is to the Earth, the more it influences us. Those born in the spring, summer, or autumn months are more likely to be affected by their sun sign of Cancer, Taurus, or Leo.

Aries, for example, is ruled by Mars, the planet that rules men and women. Because of this, Aries is more likely to be aggressive and passionate than the other zodiac. On the other hand, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet that rules business, money, and stability. Therefore, Capricorns tend to be responsible, hardworking, and stable.

Using Numbers & Symbols With Birth Date Codes

Once you’ve figured out your signature number, you can combine it with other divination forms to gain more information about yourself and your soulmate’s potential.

Since your birthday is the critical piece of information that reveals your identity, it’s the cornerstone of fortune-telling. For example, you might learn that your birthday falls in December or that the last digit of your number is three or seven. Or you might get lucky and land upon a combination already known to be good luck!

Remember, every person on the planet has their birth date code, and the only way to find yours is to keep track of your birth date over the years and compare it to the principles listed above. Once you’ve identified your signature number, you can use it to determine the name of your soulmate.

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