How Far Away Is My Soulmate?

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I have a question for you.

How far away is my soul mate?

I’m not talking about the romantic kind, but rather how far apart we are in our spiritual development and growth as people. How does this affect us? What can we do to ensure we’re spiritually on the same page? Why does it matter?

What Are You Looking For

If you’ve read through the articles I’ve written here before, then you know that I believe that when you’re trying to find your “one” or your “true love,” you need to be open to all kinds of different experiences and relationships. That’s because when you find someone who fits into the concrete boxes of what “the one” looks like, you limit yourself to only one type of relationship. And that’s not living at all.

So, if you’re looking for your soul mate, you need to be open to different experiences and relationships. That means that you need to be open to being with people who aren’t your romantic partner(s) or who don’t want to settle down with one person forever (and there are plenty of people out there who aren’t interested in settling down).

You should also be open to having more than one relationship, and perhaps even many more than one… as long as they are healthy and loving for you.

The Answer to Your Question

To answer your question, we first need to look at how our souls relate to each other. Our souls relate to each other by having the same feelings toward the same things. When two souls feel the same emotions towards the same thing, those emotions get stronger and more intense. We call that connection an emotional bond.

When two souls connect emotionally, they become soul mates. A soul mate is someone who feels the same way about something that you do. They feel exactly what you feel. If you love animals, you probably think of cats and dogs as your favorite animals. If you both love music, you probably think of classical music as your favorite genre. If you both love hiking, then you probably think of nature walks as your favorite activity.

That’s because every time you experience that emotion, your soul remembers it. It stores that memory in your heart and mind, and when you feel that emotion again, it triggers your memory and makes you remember the past event. By remembering the past event, you relive the emotion, which gets stronger over time. This is why you can go back to a place where you had a great time with someone and suddenly feel that same old spark that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Now, here’s the big question: How far away are you from finding your soul mate?

Your Spiritual Growth Matters

This matters so much because, while you might be able to feel some of these connections right now, it will take a while until you feel connected enough to be called a soul mate. This is because every single one of us has baggage from our previous lives. Some of that baggage is good, but lots of it isn’t. Lots of it is negative and keeps us stuck in the past.

Every time we focus on the past instead of the future, we get stuck in that past version of ourselves. And since we’re stuck in that old self, we can’t fully feel the new versions of ourselves that we’re becoming. As long as we’re focused on the past, we won’t fully feel the present or the future.

This is also why it takes so long to reach a point where we can truly feel our soulmate connection. Because of all the baggage we carry from the past, we’ve been conditioned to feel specific ways about certain situations. Even though we may realize that it doesn’t make sense to feel that way anymore, it’s still hard to let go of that conditioning and embrace change. And change is necessary for us to evolve and grow as people.

As long as we’re stuck in the past, we’ll never truly be able to feel our soulmate connection. And without that connection, we’ll never truly be able to experience true happiness.

You Have So Much More Potential Than You Realize

But just because our soulmate connection takes longer to develop than the physical aspects of our bodies, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the potential to create a soulmate connection. There is nothing wrong with you as a person, and there is nothing wrong with the relationship that you’re currently in. Instead, you need to understand that you’re missing out on many opportunities to create soulmate connections.

Even though you might not see it yet, you already have a ton of potential to create soulmate connections. But you have to allow yourself to expand beyond your current limitations and explore the possibilities beyond your comfort zone.

Far Away Soul Mates Are Out There

It would be nice if we could meet our perfect match immediately after meeting that special someone. But we can’t. It takes time to build real intimacy between two souls, and that intimacy requires trust. Trusting others comes naturally, but it comes easier for others.

Most of us deeply fear being vulnerable and sharing intimate details about ourselves, especially regarding our love life. After all, everyone tells us that we shouldn’t share our deepest secrets with anyone unless we know that person. Yet, we often do. Why?

It’s because we’re afraid of rejection. We’re afraid of losing them, and we’re afraid of being hurt. In addition, we’re also afraid of being rejected by others. So, we hold back and keep the information inside of us locked up tight.

But as soon as we start opening up and sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings, we find that we begin attracting like-minded people. People who are willing to share their hearts and minds with us. Just like me. And just like you.

And it’s amazing how quickly and easily we can form bonds with people who are similar to us. Not only do we have similar interests, but we also tend to have similar values, beliefs, and attitudes. That’s why we gravitate toward friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances who share our values, beliefs, and attitudes.

It’s easy to see how that works in friendships, but it also applies to romantic partners. Our attitudes, beliefs, and desires greatly attract people who are compatible with us. We already know that. But we don’t know that we can use that knowledge to attract people who are our soul mates.

Remember that the further away you are from your soulmate, the harder it will be to find them. And if you’re not willing to open up to the possibility of creating that connection, you’ll never be able to find it.

Be Open To Love In All Forms

Finding someone compatible with you takes so long that there is no reason to stop searching. Instead, try to accept that it will take time. Don’t give up hope. Keep searching. There’s always another person out there who is more similar to you than you think.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Attachment Or Commitment

Sometimes, we put so much pressure on ourselves to find the right person that we forget to enjoy the journey. It’s important to remember that you will have ups and downs along the way. Sometimes you’ll fall in love, and sometimes you won’t.

Sometimes you’ll be attracted to someone, and sometimes you won’t. It’s okay to expect that connecting with someone will be difficult and that it will take time to grow together.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that you deserve to be happy, even if it takes a while to find someone who meets your expectations. If you’re ready to commit to someone, then you deserve to have that commitment reciprocated.

If you’re ready to be loved unconditionally, you deserve to receive that unconditional love in return. It’s just that simple.

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