How Do You Know You Found Your Soulmate?

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Finding “The One” can take time;  the right one will have similar values as you but also different ones, so don’t look for someone with all of the same interests or personality traits!

When you find the person who clicks with you on an emotional level, it’s called a soulmate. And once you find them, you’ll know.

There are many ways to know if you’ve found the kind of relationship that’s meant to last forever, and here are seven signs that you’re on your way to finding your ideal partner:

Finding “The One” can take time;  the right one will have similar values as you but also different ones, so don’t look for someone with all of the same interests or personality traits! Here are some signs that you’re on your way to finding The One…

  • They share common spiritual beliefs with you
  • They appreciate what you value in life
  • Their sense of humor matches yours
  • They enjoy spending quality time together (alone)
  • They see eye-to-eye on important issues
  • You both like the same types of music
  • They respect each other

When I first started dating, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the opposite sex. Boy, was I wrong? I didn’t even realize it then, but I was going through the motions of dating without knowing why. I wasn’t myself because I was trying to impress, get more attention, or find a relationship where I felt comfortable. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted from a partner, but now I know exactly what I want—and I’m living it every day.

I’ve learned that no two people are alike, so it doesn’t matter what type of relationship you seek—you need to trust yourself and what feels good. If you like hanging out with one particular person, then date them. If you want to go to bed early and wake up early, date them. You have to listen to your gut feelings and be yourself.

You’re not alone if you think you’re ready to try this. More than 50 percent of Americans say they’re either currently dating or thinking about dating again, according to a 2019 survey by But before you get back into the dating world, here are four things to consider…

Why are you interested in dating? There are many reasons, but let’s focus on one of the most common—a desire to improve your life.

What do you want in a partner? Is it love? Friendship? Companionship? Financial security? A family? Do you want children? Or maybe you’d prefer to keep your options open and not commit to anything.
Do you want a traditional marriage? Or would you instead get married at a later age? Or perhaps you’d rather live together instead of marry.

Are you ready to settle down? You might consider a long-term relationship, but it could be a year or two before you marry.

Once you’ve decided on the type of relationship you’re looking for, it’s easier to figure out what to look for in a potential partner. Here are six things you should consider if you’re hoping to find a soulmate:

1) Are you willing to compromise? This goes hand-in-hand with knowing your values and what matters to you. If you’re ready to put up with something that doesn’t quite fit your ideals, then maybe it’s worth it. But if you hate compromising, you probably shouldn’t be dating anyone.

2) How well do you communicate? Communication isn’t always accessible but essential to any healthy relationship. If you struggle with speaking up and listening, it might be time to reconsider whether this relationship is right for you.

3) What do you want in a partner? If you’re looking for someone who shares specific values with you, you may want to start there. For example, if you’re both religious, you might want to date someone who practices the same religion.

4) Do you like the same activities? Maybe you’re a sports nut while your partner enjoys yoga or reading books. If you don’t like doing things together, you may want to rethink this relationship.

5) Do you have similar goals and dreams? If you’re the same hopes and aspirations, you’ll likely work toward those goals together.

6) Are you compatible? Compatibility is tricky, but if you feel drawn to someone based on their similarities, you’re on the right track. If you can relate to someone’s character traits and personality, then you might be able to build a lasting relationship.

After you’ve done all that, you still might not feel confident that you’ve found your soulmate. If you’re feeling unsure, here are three more signs that you’re on the right path:

1) You’re feeling a connection
2) You feel attracted to them
3) You’re making progress toward meeting them

Whether you’ve found your perfect match, remember that your journey is worth it. Don’t be afraid to pursue love and happiness, but don’t rush into anything just because you’re desperate. Take your time, and learn to trust your instincts.

And remember, you’re never too old to fall in love again.

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