How Do You Know Someone Is Your Soulmate?

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It means many different things to many other people, so here are some of the most popular meanings: An individual who completes you.

A deep, meaningful relationship with the right person.
Someone who completes your dreams and fulfills your hopes and aspirations.
Someone who is there for you no matter what.

What Does It Mean to Be “Your True Love”?

You probably think that when you meet someone you’re attracted to, you automatically feel a connection with that person—a feeling you can’t deny or ignore. This is how we’ve all been taught to think about love early on.

But what happens when we don’t feel this instant attraction? What happens when we think, “I like him/her…but not yet”? Or “She seems interesting…but maybe too old”?

This is where the idea of soul mates comes into play. If you look back on your past relationships, you may notice that when you first met the person, you had an immediate sense of attraction—even before you were even sure whether you wanted to be together. This made those relationships truly special because you knew you would never want to be apart from that person again.

For instance, I met Sarah at a party last year. I instantly felt a strong emotional bond with her. I was attracted to her and wanted to know more about her. When she asked me what I did for work, I told her I was a writer.

She seemed interested in knowing more about my writing, and we talked about books and movies for hours. We shared our opinions and feelings about various subjects and became closer friends. We went out one night, and after three months of dating, we decided to become exclusive.

If we were to break up after six months, we would both probably regret it. We didn’t know each other well, but we connected instantly. So when we broke up, neither of us could move on quickly, despite knowing it was time to let go.

Sarah and I didn’t become soul mates that night. We never saw each other again. But we shared something extraordinary—the knowledge that we could never be apart again.

Soul Mates Are Rare and Special People.

If we were to talk to someone who’d been married for 30+ years, they’d likely tell us that their spouse is not only their best friend but also their best partner. They might also tell us that they feel lucky whenever they see them. Their spouse is always there for them, and they always make them happy.

There aren’t many people who’ll tell you that their spouse is their soul mate. Most people will tell you that their spouse is “okay” or “good enough.” Some will call their spouse “just right,” while others will call them “perfect.”

But how do you know if someone is your soul mate?

Are There Such Things As Soulmates?

Yes, yes, there are!

According to astrology, you’ll find two or more individuals born simultaneously representing the zodiac sign (or signs). These people might also have been born simultaneously as you, making them perfect matches. But astrology isn’t the only reason these people could be your soulmates.

Let’s look at the following example:

Jared and Amy were both born in January 1975. They’re both Pisces. They’re both Virgos, and they’re both Capricorns. In addition, Jared is Cancer, and Amy is Leo. These four traits make them each other’s soulmates.

Let’s imagine Jared meets a new girl. He notices that she was born in December of 1980. Her birthday falls within his sign of Aquarius. He likes the way she looks. He finds out that she’s also a Leo. But he doesn’t care. He thinks she’s cute and funny. He invites her over to hang out. She accepts.

Amy sees that Jared has brought this girl home. She asks him who she is. “Oh, she’s nobody important,” Jared says. “She’s just a friend.”

Meanwhile, Jared has invited this girl to his house for dinner. His mom is making lasagna. In walks Amy, and she sees everyone eating. She wants some too. Jared tells her that they have pasta tonight.

Over dessert, Jared tells Amy his friend is having a birthday party tomorrow. At the party, he’ll introduce her to his girlfriend. Amy also texts her friends to come over to Jared’s party. The next day, Jared takes his new girlfriend to lunch. During lunch, he introduces her to his mom. Then he brings her home.

Afterward, he tells his girlfriend, “Hey, guess what? I invited Amy over for dinner tomorrow.”

Amy texts her friends to come over to Jared’s party. Meanwhile, Jared texts his girlfriend to invite her to the party. She asks her parents.

Finally, Jared’s girlfriend invites her boyfriend. When the boy shows up, Jared introduces him to Amy. Then he goes to get some wine, and Amy gets some water. They sit down to chat, and Jared mentions that he just got a dog.

Amy asks him where he found the puppy. “Oh, I went to the pound,” Jared says. “They gave me $20 for it.”

Amy laughs. “$20?! That’s crazy. I paid $100!”

Then Jared explains that he couldn’t bring himself to keep the puppy. Instead, he left it at the pound. He tells Amy that he thought he’d get sick of it eventually. “But now that it’s here, I like it.”

Amy smiles. “Well, it’s nice to have a pet finally.”

If I Were Single Again… Would I Still Want To Date The Same Person Forever? – And Why Not?

We tend to think we need to find someone who completes us to be happy. We believe happiness comes from having a long-term committed relationship with another person.

But what happens if you don’t feel the same way? What happens if you’re already happily married but not quite as happy as you used to be? What happens if you’re simply content living alone?

Is Being With A Partner For Life Enough Proof That They are My Soul Mate?

No. Being married or committed doesn’t mean you’re destined to be with that person forever.

And just because you’re happy living with that person, or that person is living with you, doesn’t mean that you’re destined to be together for life.

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