How Do You Know If You Find Your Soulmate?

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It’s hard to believe, but we all look for our soulmates differently. Some people want their best friend to turn into their spouse or a partner who will support them through life.

But what about finding your true love? What does that even mean?

If you’ve looked up “true love” on Google, chances are you’ll see pages of advice on figuring out if someone is your soulmate (or at least your perfect match).

Finding Your True Love

We live in an age where most people have some idea of what a soul mate is, whether it’s a person you’re dating, someone you’d like to date, or even a celebrity crush. But it turns out there’s no clear definition of what “true love” means. Many books, articles, apps, and other resources are available to help us learn more about this mysterious concept.

When I searched for the term “true love” on Amazon, my top result was the book How to Find Your Soulmate by Dr. Paul Carter.

I didn’t buy it right away because the price seemed steep ($9.99), but after reading the reviews and checking out the author, I decided to give it a shot. After reading the book, I realized that there were two things I needed to consider before buying it:

1) would it help me find my true love

2) how much time should I spend trying to understand the concept of “true love.”

After spending several days thinking about both questions, I was left with the following conclusions:

Soul Mates Can’t Be Found Online

The first thing I learned from reading How to Find Your Soulmate is that you can’t expect to find your soulmate based on a search engine. When I searched for “true love,” I got results that included sites like,, and eHarmony.

These websites are great tools for helping you find people who share similar interests and backgrounds as you. Still, they aren’t going to provide any indication of whether or not you’ve met someone you connect deeply with emotionally or spiritually.

I recommend looking for signs that someone might be your soulmate instead. Here are a few things that indicate a good chance that you’ve found a candidate worthy of further consideration: You feel excited and uplifted whenever you’re around them.

Your conversations with them spark something inside you and make you laugh.
They make you happy even when you don’t feel pleased.
You find yourself wishing they were part of your everyday life.
There are times when you wish you could stop talking and be together. 
You feel like you’re always wanting to be closer to each other. 
You think about them constantly.
You feel like you’re connected to them in ways you didn’t understand before meeting them. 

These aren’t scientific indicators, but they certainly indicate that you feel emotional connections with people. It doesn’t matter where these connections come from — if they’re there, then maybe you’ve found your soulmate.

What are the Signs That Someone Is My “True Love”?

Some people say that soul mates can only be found in heaven, while others claim that they can only be found elsewhere in space and time.

I’m skeptical of both viewpoints. The truth is that it’s impossible to know exactly what kind of connection you have with another person. We can never really know if we’ve met someone who shares our deepest values and beliefs, and we can never determine if we’re meant to be together forever.

However, certain things indicate the possibility that you’ve found your soulmate. If you’re not convinced yet, keep reading to see how. You feel a deep sense of trust between you and your soulmate.

  • You feel like you share the same thoughts, feelings, and ideas, despite having different experiences.
  • You feel like you’re more compatible than you thought you were.
  • You feel a deep connection to your soulmate stronger than anything else.
  • You get a strong urge to protect your soulmate.
  • You feel like you’re on the same wavelength and can’t imagine living without each other.

When you find someone you think fits the above criteria, it’s important to remember that you need to take it slow. Don’t rush into committing. If you’re truly interested in finding your soulmate, you shouldn’t push anyone too far or ask too many questions. You deserve to enjoy your journey and must be open to discovering what happens next.

Once you look for these signs, you’ll notice them everywhere. One day you’ll look at someone and realize that you feel an instant connection. You’ll hear someone talk about something you already agree with, even though you’ve never discussed it.

At first, you won’t fully understand why these connections exist, but over time, you’ll realize that your soulmate has been guiding you along the way.

And if you’re wondering if you’re ready to meet your soulmate, consider this:

If you’re still unsure whether your soulmate exists, you’re probably not ready to commit to another person completely. Instead, try taking baby steps toward building a relationship with your soulmate. Find someone you’re attracted to, and let your attraction guide you toward discovering whether you’re destined to be together.

You’ll eventually discover your true love if you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to find your soulmate. If you’re serious about finding your soulmate, follow these tips and use these clues to find your new partner.

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