How Do I Find My Soulmate?

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We all want to find our soul mate, but how do you know if they are on the other side of that door? Here’s what we’re talking about.

Finding love can be difficult. Whether through dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, or Happn, or in person by meeting people at bars, clubs, coffee shops, or even work, the process can seem complicated and confusing.

But finding your soul mate is something everyone wants to do. After all, it’s an idea that brings happiness, meaning, and fulfillment to life. But when you think about it, it’s not just about getting along with someone. It’s also about having deep feelings of connection with another human being. So how do you know if they are on the other side of that door?

Soul Mates and Dating Advice

Before we dive into this article, let’s look at what makes up what some may call “true love.”

According to Psychology Today, true love is a deep connection and emotional attachment between two people. This often includes physical attraction and sexual intimacy.

In contrast, superficial relationships are usually short-term affairs that don’t include commitment or emotional investment. These types of relationships tend to have less depth and less passion.

It takes more than just liking each other to build a lasting relationship. According to Time Magazine, four elements are involved in building a loving relationship.

1. Intimacy: A close bond between two people usually comes from sharing intimate details about their lives.

2. Passion: Emotional intimacy, including shared interests and hobbies, should be considered part of the definition of a healthy relationship.

3. Commitment: Sharing your future, such as marriage, is essential for creating a secure foundation.

4. Trust: Building trust is essential because it provides safety and security.

What Is a “Soul Mate?”

How do you know if someone is your soulmate? While there isn’t one specific way to define this term, it has been used throughout history to describe those who share a special connection.

Author and psychotherapist Dr. Carl Jung first coined the word “soulmate.” Jung thought that these people were meant to meet and grow together over time, forming a more profound connection that would eventually lead to a lifelong partnership.

He described this relationship with similar values, beliefs, and opinions. They can also see things from the same perspective and have similar expectations.

Jung believed these individuals are often attracted to each other due to their complementary natures. They will also complement each other regarding personality traits, talents, and skills. Furthermore, Jung argued that these characteristics are ones that people naturally seek out in others. Therefore, these types of connections are formed organically.

When we speak of “soulmates,” we refer to those perfect for us. However, while we cannot control whether we are drawn to certain people, we can control whether we are open to them. As long as you are willing to accept that you may not necessarily be suitable for everyone, you can start to explore your options.

Do You Have Your Ideas About What Makes for a Good Match?

Although most people believe there must be a “right” person for them, many people are not sure who that might be. So instead, they focus on looking for someone who shares their views and values.

This can be challenging because it means you must understand yourself better before determining who is a good fit.

For example, if you are attracted to someone who doesn’t share your views about religion or politics, you won’t feel comfortable around them. If you are interested in someone outgoing and extroverted, you will probably prefer someone quiet and introverted. Therefore, you may feel limited in finding someone who matches your ideal partner.

However, if you are open to exploring different perspectives and ideas, you will be more likely to find someone whose values align with yours.

Are There Any Signs That They May Not Be Right For Me?

As long as you are honest with yourself about what you value and are looking for, you should be able to get a sense of whether or not someone is suitable for you. Of course, that still means that you will need to try to learn about them and get to know them.

After all, if you are only focused on finding someone who already shares your values, then you will miss out on seeing someone who is a perfect match for you.

While there are no guarantees, there are some signs that you may be headed toward a bad match. For example, if you are attracted to someone dishonest, manipulative, controlling, or abusive, you should consider breaking off the relationship.

If you are attracted to someone lazy, selfish, irresponsible, or immature, you should seriously reconsider your decision to date them.

Is It Possible To Know If Someone Else is Your True Soulmate Without Meeting Them In Person?

Yes! While you cannot know for sure until you meet them in real life, you can use online dating sites and apps to narrow your search. You can browse through profiles and pictures using services like Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid to see if anyone catches your eye.

Once you identify someone as a potential match, you can send them messages and ask them questions. By doing so, you can gather information about their personality and character.

You can even use online tools to help you analyze your compatibility with someone else. For example, you can compare your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) results to theirs to determine if you are compatible based on personality.

If you decide you are unsuitable for each other, you will benefit from ending the relationship. Otherwise, you might waste time and energy on someone who is not a good match for you.

Can You Guess Their Characteristics Based On Physical Appearance?

You cannot always tell if someone is a good match for you simply by examining their appearance.

Many factors contribute to your overall impression of someone, including their body language, facial features, and voice inflection. However, you can sometimes only guess based on their physical appearance.

For example, if you notice that they have dark hair, brown eyes, and olive skin, you might assume they are Caucasians. However, if you see that they have black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, you might think they are African Americans.

Does Everyone Think They Are The One And Only Perfect Partner?

No matter how hard we try, we will never be 100% satisfied with our romantic partners. Even if you find someone who perfectly fits your needs and preferences, you will still experience moments of doubt and insecurity.

Therefore, you should not expect to wake up every morning and realize you have found the “perfect” partner. Instead, it would help if you remembered that you are responsible for making your best decisions.

If you are unhappy with your current situation, you should recognize that you deserve happiness. You deserve to find someone who loves you back and treats you well. Don’t settle for anything less.

Why Can’t We Just Geng With Anyone At All?

We can’t always find our perfect match because we are afraid to express ourselves fully. Sometimes, we hide parts of ourselves, especially things we don’t feel comfortable sharing.

Our fear of rejection suppresses our natural reactions to people. We become guarded and suspicious of others.

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