How Can I Tell My Soulmate Knows

We’ve all heard that we should be open to love, but how do you know if your soulmate is out there?

The idea of finding “the one” has been around for centuries. But what does it mean to find someone who will complete us?

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A soulmate needs to feel like they are the missing piece in our lives. If you have ever felt this way, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

We all long to experience true oneness with another person. And when we finally connect with someone, we realize what it feels like to belong somewhere truly. We may not always understand why we feel this way, but we know we want to stay connected forever.

But how do you know if your soulmate knows you? How can you tell whether or not they are the right match for you?

Here are seven ways to recognize if your soulmate knows you…

1. They Like You

It sounds simple enough, but the fact is that we tend to focus more on ourselves than others. That means we often overlook the traits we admire in people we don’t know as well.

If your soulmate likes you, they will also share their thoughts about you. This isn’t necessarily a sign that they’re interested in dating you—it could just mean they get along with you. Either way, it’s a good indication that they know you and care about you.

2. There’s a Common Interest in the Past or Future

When we meet new people, it’s easy to see them as strangers. After all, we rarely get to spend time with people we don’t already know. But when we do, we start to notice things about them that make us feel closer.

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Your soulmate might know you because they spent time with you before meeting you. Perhaps they knew someone you did, or maybe they were friends with a friend of yours. Whatever the case, there is likely something they shared with you that made them remember you fondly.

On the flip side, your soulmate may also be drawn to you because they have some connection to your future. Maybe they have seen you on TV, heard you speak at a conference, or read an article about your business success. In any event, they may feel inspired by you to pursue similar goals in life.

3. A Sense of Urgency Drives Them To Seek You

If you have met your soulmate online or through mutual friends, then you probably know they aren’t afraid to reach out to you. When you first meet someone, there are certain expectations about how they will approach you. Some people are shy and don’t know how to initiate a conversation. Others are overly friendly and try to force themselves into your life.

Soulmates, however, are confident. They don’t waste time trying to impress strangers. Instead, they take action and seek you out. This sense of urgency makes them seem different from most people you know.

4. The Connection Is Not About Sex Or Physical Attraction

There are so many factors that influence how we choose a partner. But the truth is that we usually fall in love with someone based solely on physical attraction. We look at their body type, their personality, and their interests and decide whether or not we would like to date them.

So, if your soulmate doesn’t fit into these categories, don’t worry. You are still compatible with them.

If you wonder whether or not your soulmate is attracted to you, consider these signs: They compliment you regularly.
They ask you questions about yourself.
They listen to you talk about yourself.
They show interest in your hobbies.
They have a strong desire to learn more about you.

5. It All Feels Right

Sometimes, it’s hard to know if you want to date someone or not. The reality is that you may not yet be ready for a committed relationship. But when you meet someone who feels right, you begin to trust that they are the right choice for you.

You might even wonder if you are meant to be together forever. This feeling of excitement and possibility is known as synchronicity. Synchronicity occurs when two separate events occur at the same time or when one event happens before another.

If you’ve had a synchronicity dream about someone or experienced a sudden shift in your feelings toward them, then you know they are meant to be in your life. Of course, you should keep your options open until you have more information about them, but after meeting your soulmate, you won’t be able to imagine being with anyone else.

6. Their Presence Makes Me Feel Safe and Loved

When we meet new people, we assume they will be judgmental. After all, they haven’t gotten to know us yet. So we go into the date with our guard up, expecting to be criticized.

In contrast, when you meet your soulmate, you feel safe and loved. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed. They give off positive vibes, and you trust them instantly.

This feeling of safety and closeness is called synesthesia. Synesthesia occurs when two senses become fused. For example, seeing colors, hearing music, or tasting food can create a unique sensation. Similarly, when you meet your soulmate, your senses come together and trigger a powerful reaction in you.

7. They Are Always Supporting Your Goals

One of the biggest reasons we end up alone is because we don’t set meaningful goals for ourselves. We let work, family, and other priorities take over our lives and lose sight of what matters most to us.

When you meet your soulmate, you can count on them to support you. They will encourage you to follow your dreams and pursue your passions. They will help you achieve your goals without feeling guilty or ashamed.

These are ways to tell if your soulmate knows you. Once you figure out if you are compatible, you can use the rest of this guide to find them.

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