How Can I Learn To Play Piano By Myself?

The piano is among the most versatile instruments, and discovering it will serve you well in other areas of life. Use this finding out guide to get begun if you’re genuinely committed to playing this instrument.


Step 1 – Get Your Own Piano or Keyboard

If you don’t have one, you can’t find out how to teach yourself piano! Even if there’s a public location where you have access to a piano, it’s far much better if you have one in the privacy of your house. That indicates it’s time to make an investment.

Acoustic pianos normally vary in price from $2,000 to $10,000 or more for some premium concert grand pianos. Clearly, as a beginner, you do not require a grand piano, but you’ll at least want a quality instrument to practice on. Acoustic pianos are large and heavy, and require regular tuning to remain playable. Despite the fact that these aspects look like downsides, nothing can truly replace the noise and feel of a genuine piano.

If the cost is a concern for you, however, a digital keyboard is a completely acceptable location to begin. A complete 88-key variation begins at about $150. Keep in mind, you’ll also need a keyboard stand, piano bench, and sustain pedal. The more features you want (UBS drive, sound impacts, internal metronome, sample songs, and so on), the greater the investment will be. Most importantly, do not be tempted by affordable, low-quality keyboards. Demand weighted keys, which is the crucial to achieving different dynamics in the music you play.


Step 2 – Start by Finding Middle C

So your keyboard is all set up and you’re delighted to get going. You might feel overloaded by looking at all those keys– but don’t stress if you have no musical background! An excellent location to start is by finding middle C.

Think of middle C as home, the location where all beginner pieces sweat off of. To find middle C, sit down in front of your piano and position yourself at the center. The black keys are arranged in sets of 2 and three. Middle C is the white secret simply to the left of the grouping of 2 black secrets near the middle of the keyboard. Place your right thumb on Middle C, pointer finger on the next white note (D), and your middle finger on the white note next to that (E). Utilizing these 3 notes, you must be able to play Mary Had a Little Lamb by ear (start with E, D, C.).

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Step 3 – Learn to Read Music, Chord Progression, and Finger Exercises

Prior to you can anticipate to play more than Mary Had a Little Lamb, you need to pin down some excellent resources that explain how to teach yourself piano. The Internet is among your finest resources, but certainly not the only one. Here are some valuable resources to get you started:

DataDragon: Learning to read music is not rather as simple or straightforward as discovering Middle C. It’s an ongoing process you must focus on each time you play. DataDragon can assist with this; the various lessons cover time signatures, types of notes and rests, counting, sheet music signs, and more.

OnlinePianist: Chords (several notes played at the very same time) and scales (a succession of notes played one after the other) are the foundation of piano playing. This resource teaches you how to play every major and small scale on the piano in addition to a substantial range of chords. As you click through the alternatives, keep in mind that the major and small chords are a terrific place to begin.

Hanon workouts: It’s essential to build finger strength and improve your musical ability. Hanon workouts are an outstanding resource for this. The link supplied here lets you download a complimentary PDF variation of each workout, in addition to play a sample so you can hear how the exercise is supposed to sound.

MusicNotes: When you’re prepared to start playing actual tunes, MusicNotes is a fantastic resource to find sheet music for your favorite songs, in a variety of difficulty levels. A complimentary one-page sample provides you a feel for the problem of the piece before you spend for the whole tune.

You can’t find out how to teach yourself piano if you don’t have one! Even if there’s a public place where you have access to a piano, it’s far better if you have one in the privacy of your home. Acoustic pianos usually range in rate from $2,000 to $10,000 or more for some top quality concert grand pianos. Before you can anticipate to play more than Mary Had a Little Lamb, you require to pin down some excellent resources that discuss how to teach yourself piano. OnlinePianist: Chords (numerous notes played at the exact same time) and scales (a succession of notes played one after the other) are the structure of piano playing.



This is very straightforward learning and teaching you how to play the piano from the ground up very easily.

I’ll just briefly go over what you get with this program and really why I tend to recommend it so much you get interactive ebooks audio and video lessons and these can be used on any device so basically what happens is that when you purchase the tutorial set as a one-time payment this isn’t a membership fee you basically get all these different interactive books on different types piano lessons and styles and within the books you will have access to video lessons audio lessons and they can work on any device so there’s over 200 video piano lessons where Robin the creator he walks you through step by step at teaching the specific lesson.

There’s audio lessons and then obviously you can read along within the ebooks as well so just like the website says it just couldn’t be easier and more straightforward than using the specific system so here you can just see an example you’ll get an e-book that you download to your computer to your iPhone to your iPad or your Android phone and you follow along the instructions within the book and then you can click to play the video for an explanation and there’s a video lesson or you can click an audio file and there’s an audio file so that’s basically how the program works you don’t need to be online to use it although you do need to be online to download it or if you purchase the DVD ROM but you don’t need to be synched up to a computer to play you can use your regular piano or you can use your digital keyboard.

Now I was actually able to go in and get access to a full list of every lecture and video lesson that you’re gonna get with this program and I’m not gonna read this word forward but I’ll just go over the list here so you can just see the amount of content and the amount of lessons that you’ll get so section one is called party time play by ear rhythm style piano so there’s a lecture and then there’s a video lesson that’s eight minutes followed by another lecture video lesson and so forth. so this section one composed of various lectures and video lessons and then as you scroll down and you progress lesson by lesson into the program you scroll down and move forward so there’s 40 lectures in this first section 46 lectures there along with different videos and then you’ll get into the section blues rock and roll so there’s more lectures here and then followed by the third section cord magic and so forth.

So there’s a total of five different sections here composed of tons of content you know hundreds of hours of learning material and it was created by Robin Hall who’s been a teacher and with this specific program has enrolled something like 50,000 different students have gone through this particular program so why don’t we jump in and just show you a quick video example of two lessons here so I’ve just brought this up on the screen here and I’ll turn the volume up and just let this run a little bit so you can get a feel for the type of video lesson that you’re gonna get with piano for all so there you can see this particular video Robins gone on to really give a very brief explanation and to the point about learning how to set up or learning the basics of the keyboard so this is a sort of beginner type of lesson and I’ll just skip ahead here and let you watch a little bit more so there you can see Robin gives sort of a top view of the video lesson going through the specific on you know a really beginner style lesson.

Just getting to know the piano now you can also find another sample video with the link directly below this video review if you click that then you’re gonna load up this sample video and I’ll just run through a few seconds of it here so you can just get another feel for the type of video lessons that you’ll get with this program so there I think I’ll leave that there again you can click the button below this video to really watch this on your own computer with some better audio quality but there you can see Robin just gives a very nice easy to follow along instruction and that’s really what you’ll find with a lot of the different testimonials that you can read directly below this video on the main piano for all website as well everything’s laid out very easily to follow along and the tutorials are step by step.

So it’s great for beginners and anyone that wants to learn the piano without you know a lot of different distractions so the last thing that I wanted to do is just run through a few of the quick frequently asked questions and then let you kind of click below and read some of these testimonials I’m not going to go through them word-for-word but you can kind of check them out yourself so I just wanted to cover lastly some quick frequently asked questions about this particular program so here I want to just cover some of the frequently asked questions that I thought pertain to the most amount of people that are the most valuable for you when you’re kind of looking at a tool to learn and help you learn the piano so firstly you know is this one different and the main thing that I noticed and that Robin says right away is that it’s the most logically structured piano course.

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So it’s very step-by-step do this do it this way and follow along in a very easy manner so it’s a very kind of clear and concise program and that’s what I really liked about it and this is why you know it’s recommended for so many people if you’re a complete beginner will it be too hard for you so the great thing about this is that piano for all doesn’t expect anything musically from you so you don’t need to memorize any piano sheets you literally just need to follow along can I I can read piano sheet music already what else will piano for all teach me you know lots of people if you can read um sheet music then you can usually play what’s written however this program really teaches you how to play the piano by ear improvise and create your own kind of composition so sure if you can read music and play along that’s great but when you take that sheet music away practicing with piano for all sort of enhances your overall skills and talents.

You know a lot of people ask how long do I need to practice obviously the more you practice the better you’ll be but you know just using Robins tutorials for you know 20 or 30 minutes a day you will see very quick improvements over the first week for sure all you need to do is just dive in and read some of the testimonials of other people who have seen success very quickly like I mentioned before you can use this with a piano or a keyboard and software you don’t need any special software this program why I recommend it again you just need to download the PDF ebooks the videos are embedded in the PDFs and same with the audio so you download it you have Adobe Reader and you open the books you can do it on your computer your desktop your iPad your iPhone as well so you don’t need to buy software and you don’t need to hook up your PA in any other way you could easily download them you can print out the books you don’t need to be online to use it and there’s no membership fee.

This is just a small very small one-time fee to buy this tutorial system and basically that’s most of the questions there again you know purchasing this it’s very very affordable if we jump to the home page here you can see that what you would pay for maybe one in-person lesson you can get this whole program with two hundred videos and thousands of different pages and content and hundreds of hours of lessons so basically it’s highly recommended by me because it’s so easy to follow along and learn from so I would recommend that you head over and jump in and read some of these testimonials yourself I don’t want to go through it because this is getting a bit too long already but jump in click the button below and read some testimonials and I know that you’ll be quite impressed.


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