Find Out Who Your Soulmate Is?

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I know; I’ve been saying this for a while now. But it’s true! You can find your soul mate if you take the time to figure out what they want and need from life… and listen when they talk.

Finding our soul mates is difficult, but it can be done. And it doesn’t have to be a big deal either – it’s simple, and we all do it daily by talking to people around us. So why don’t we ever think about doing that with our partners? What if we ask them what they want and need from life instead of assuming we already know?

How Do We Find Our Souls?

How does that relate to finding our soul mate if we look at ourselves as a soul? Well, it means that we are our souls and must discover and follow our paths. This path will lead us to the person who is meant to be our partner. So if we want to find our soul mate, we must first understand our path to ensure our partner is on board and has the same goals.

Finding One’s Soulmate isn’t Easy…But it Can be Done.

Most people never get past the surface level of their relationships. They assume they know what their partner wants because they see it on social media or hear it through other people’s stories. But it’s only when you start to dig deeper into each other that you begin to get the accurate picture.

So, how do we find our soul mate? First, we must understand what our partner wants from life, which is very different than what we want. Humans are designed to be selfish, so we naturally want what we want, even though it might not always be good for others. But if we consider the needs of those around us, we’ll notice that we often end up hurting them when we pursue our dreams.

To avoid this trap, we must understand our partner’s needs and act accordingly. There are several ways to find out what your partner wants and needs, but here are three of the easiest ones:

What Does My Partner Want From Life?

Let’s say you were conversing with someone you had been dating for a few months. You ask them, “What do you want from life?” and you hear silence. Maybe they didn’t even know what they wanted. Or perhaps they thought they did but weren’t ready to tell you. Either way, there was no point in continuing the conversation. If they don’t know what they want, you can’t possibly help them.

Let’s say they answer you honestly, telling you exactly what they want from life. Maybe they want to travel the world, become an actor, or move to New York City. Whatever it is, you can help them achieve it. The best part is that you can do it together, and you won’t have to wait until they’re ready to share their desires because you already know.

How Am I Doing In Meeting Their Needs?

We all have certain traits that we tend to fall back on when we feel insecure, especially regarding love. We love to give advice, and we love to fix things. But sometimes, these traits can also come across as needy and cause problems in our relationships.

For example, let’s say you’ve seen someone for a little while, and they ask you if you want to hang out with them after work. You ask them if they will spend some time together, and they immediately say yes. But then you go home, realize that you haven’t seen them in weeks, and wonder where they are.

Instead of being honest and admitting that you aren’t sure if you want to continue seeing them, you try to justify that you’ve been busy too and are not sure if you want to see them anymore. But you’re still thinking about them and worried that they might not be OK with you not wanting to see them anymore.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way, but it usually happens because we have an unhealthy desire to please everyone else rather than wanting to please ourselves. When you stop trying to fix everything for everyone else, you’ll find yourself more relaxed in your relationship.

Where Should I Start Looking For Them?

Your partner should be the one to initiate contact with you, but if they don’t, don’t force the issue. Instead, go to places your partner frequents and introduce yourself to them. Let’s say your partner loves watching movies, and you see them at the movie theater weekly. Then you could introduce yourself to them before the show starts and say something like, “Hi, I saw you last night at the movie theater. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.”

Once you’ve done this, you can slowly build the confidence to approach them in public situations, and eventually, you’ll be able to meet them outside the movie theater. Once you’ve built trust with your partner, you can start meeting them somewhere more private, like a coffee shop or restaurant. By gradually building this trust between you two, you’ll find that you can talk to them about anything you want.

Finding One’s Soul Mate Isn’t Easy…But It Can Be Done

Soul mates are rare, so we shouldn’t expect to find one overnight. But if you commit to the above steps, you’ll soon notice you’re getting closer to finding your soul mate. Just remember that you’re the one who has to put in the effort, and you’re going to need patience along the way.

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