Do Quick Picks Ever Win The Lottery?

Should I Pick My Own Numbers For The Lottery?

The largest amount of money that I’d want on anyone winning was my fifth grand prize it was the game mega money here in Florida and I won over eight hundred and forty thousand dollars. I was good at math in school but I didn’t study any specific math courses because my method has nothing to do with any kind of a big math solution that some people might think.

The first and most important thing above everything is set a budget. this is extremely important it is it is very easy to get what’s called lottery fever. do not spend grocery money. do not spend rent money. figure out what you can afford what your budget is and stay within your budget.

So let’s just say we’re gonna say your budgets $100 now this will work I don’t care if you only got a $10 budget okay but let’s just say for this example it’s $100 so that means you’re going to take that hundred dollars what you do is you divide your budget by 10 so if your budgets only ten dollars you’re going to buy $1 tickets if your budget $100 you’re going to buy $10 tickets you buy ten tickets in a row of the same game.

Do not spread it out over three or four different games if you buy ten tickets in a row of the same game almost every single time you do that you’re going to find a winning ticket in there most of the times even too many tickets and sometimes even three or four winning tickets in that stretch of 10 tickets in a row. you just increase your chances of winning. number two it is very common that people will go up to the counter to buy lottery tickets in their hand the clerk a couple of dollars and they’ll say give me a couple of tickets for tonight’s drawing that’s what’s called a quick pick.


Do Quick Picks win more lottery?

Folks do not buy quick picks what do you mean don’t buy quick picks. I always buy quick picks have you won that’s the secret you never increase your chances when you’re buying quick picks they’re always the same so don’t buy quick picks.

Then the third thing is people say well does your lottery work like with scratch tickets cuz I don’t really buy the other games but I I play scratch tickets. absolutely it does. I see people do this all the time they go up to the counter and they say you see here let me have a couple of those who you got bingo I like bingo let me have a few of those and I like the colors on that ticket right there we have a couple of those. again folks worst thing you could do.

You might as well put on a blindfold take a loaded gun and try to hit the target it’s not going to happen one of the biggest things that I stress among sending a budget so forth and so on is folks luck has nothing to do with this but I buy a lucky guy by nature all through my life no I don’t believe so I believe most of the good things that have happened to me have been because I was methodical I thought it through and approached it in a manner that I felt gave me the best chance.


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