CREEPY Space Facts You Can’t Unlearn

These creepy space facts will make you shiver. New space discoveries always leave us with interesting facts. Hopefully these facts about space leave you wondering more. From dark matter to black holes, this video has it all! For more amazing facts, subscribe!

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Tenth Place: Chunks of the Milky Way Galaxy Are Being Sucked Away

Ninth Place: A Giant Black Hole Hurls Through Space at Five Million Miles Per Hour

Eighth Place: The Night Sky Will Become completely black

Seventh Place: Astronauts recycle their urine and sweat

Sixth Place: Solar Superstorms Could Cause Blackouts Worldwide

Fifth Place: Meteorites can strike Earth at any moment

Fourth Place: Being in space can change your DNA

Third Place: Gamma ray bursts

Second Place: Space actually has sounds

First Place: The Universe Could Explode in a Few Years

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