50 Space Facts That Sound Fake But Are 100% Real

These space facts are some of the recent space discoveries made. Some of these are NASA space discoveries, while some are SpaceX space discoveries. For more amazing space discoveries 2020 and space discoveries 2019, check out some of our other videos! Humans are progressing one space discovery at a time! For more facts about space, subscribe!

50. The Sun weighs about 330,000 times more than Earth.

49. Spacesuit helmets have a Velcro patch, to help astronauts scratch an itch.

48. Our solar system is 4.57 billion years old.

47. Enceladus, one of Saturn’s smaller moons, reflects 90% of the Sun’s light.

46. We always see the same side of the Moon, no matter where we stand on Earth.

45. Uranus was originally called “George’s Star”.

44. The Milky Way galaxy is 105,700 light-years wide.

43. Footprints left on the Moon won’t disappear as there is no wind.

42. Earth is the only planet not named after a God.

41. Pluto is smaller than the United States.

40. Uranus has 27 moons that have been discovered so far.

39. There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand in the world.

38. Neptune takes nearly 165 Earth years to make one orbit of the Sun.

37. The International Space Station is the largest manned object ever sent into space.

36. A day on Pluto lasts for 153.6 hours long.

35. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system.

34. The Earth’s rotation is slowing down as time goes on.

33. Outer Space is only 62 miles away.

32. The Whirlpool Galaxy M51 was the first celestial object identified as being spiral.

31. The International Space Station circles Earth every 92 minutes.

30. There are approximately 100 thousand million stars in our galaxy.

29. Using the naked eye, you can see 3 – 7 different galaxies from Earth.

28. Mercury & Venus are the only 2 planets in our solar system that have no moons.

27. If a star passes too close to a black hole, it can be torn apart.

26. In 2016, scientists detected a radio signal from a source 5 billion light-years away.

25. Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise has actually been to outer space!

24. The first ever black hole photographed is 3 million times the size of Earth.

23. On Venus, it snows metal and rains sulfuric acid.

22. Space is completely silent.

21. Coca-Cola was the first soft drink ever drank in space

20. Astronauts can grow two inches in height when in space.

19. The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus.

18. The first woman in space was a Russian called Valentina Tereshkova.

17. The first artificial satellite in space was called “Sputnik”.

16. The Mariner 10 was the first spacecraft that visited Mercury in 1974.

15. Our moon is moving away from Earth at a rate of 4cm every single year!

14. The Earth weighs about 81 times more than the Moon.

13. The first living mammal to go into space was a dog named “Laika”. =

12. Red Dwarf stars that are low in mass can burn continually for up to 10 trillion years!

11. A day on Mercury is equivalent to 58 Earth days.

10. There are 88 recognized star constellations in our night sky.

9. The center of a comet is called a “nucleus”.

8. As early as 240BC, the appearance of Halley’s Comet was documented in China.

7. Halley’s Comet will pass over Earth again on 26th July 2061.

6.The word “astronaut” means “star sailor” in its origins.

5. There is a planet with a surface made up of diamonds.

4. Pens won’t work in space.

3. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet.

2. On average it takes the light only 1.3 seconds to travel from the Moon to Earth.

1. NASA’s Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite found evidence of water on the Earth’s Moon.

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