50 Law of Attraction Tactics

Attracting Better Health, Wealth And Relationships

1. Keep a positive attitude. Look at the glass half full. When something bad happens look at it as on opportunity to grow or learn something new.


2. Visualization. Visualize your life the way you want it. Be detailed and keep the image in your head to remind you through out the day.


3. Affirmations are key. Affirm what you are doing well as well as what you are going after. This also helps you stay positive.


4. Keep your eye on your goal. Whatever you are wanting in your life, keep focused on it. Do not let other things in life get in your way and distract you.


5. Move forward. Even baby steps are better than standing still. As long as you are moving toward you goal, even if it is slowly, then you should feel that you are accomplishing something.


6. Write it down. By writing your goals down, you are externalizing your internal feelings and thoughts. It also helps you stay focused.


7. Commit it to memory. By memorizing words, phrases, or images that conjure the way you want to be, you provide yourself with a mental environment to take hold of that dream.


8. Let it go. Let go of the past and its weight and disappointments. It has not part in who you want to be, so let it float on by.


9. Believe it. Say it, think it, and believe it. Believing in a different way creates attitude changes which create action changes, which creates life changes.


10. Own it. Make your vision your own. Take ownership of it like it is your prized possession. It is yours and no one can take it away.


11. Practice thanksgiving. A thankful attitude produces a life and a heart that is ready to receive. It also allows you to put things into perspective.


12. Listen to yourself and follow your instinct. You are the one and only expert on yourself. Trust you instincts.


13. Be clear. Have a clear picture in mind as to what you want for your life. Keep the image in your mind and put yourself in that picture.


14. Be precise. Know exactly how and what your life is to be. Once you have figured that out, starting acting like it is reality. Trust me, this works.


15. Be patient. Change takes time. Be patient with yourself as you try on different version of how you want your life to be.


16. Allow yourself to receive. Most people have a hard time receiving from others. Thank them for their contributions and enjoy the gift. Knowing the feeling of receiving encourages you to give more as well.


17. Educate yourself. Whatever you goal in life is, however you envision yourself, learn about it. Delve into the topic with full gusto, learning the ins and outs of the dream. This makes it real and attainable.


18. Support yourself. Self doubt can creep in and zap the energy away from the law of attraction in no time. Know in your heart that you can do it, then begin to live it.


19. Forgive. Learn to let go of past grudges. The longer you hold on to them, the longer they will hold on to you, and be held against you.


20. Step by step. The law of attraction works as a process. It takes time and steps. Take it one step at a time, not being anxious for tomorrow. You only have this moment, what will you do with it?


21. Learn about yourself. Find out what motivates you and write it down. Keep track on your thoughts that push you forward to success and those that hinder you.


22. Think differently. Try a new spin on an old problem. Looking at the glass half full instead of hall empty is the classic example.


23. Challenge yourself. Challenges lead to growth. Look for ways that you can challenge yourself to aspire to something greater.


24. Ask different questions. Instead of asking why me, ask why not me? Why not now? A different question will lead to a different answer.


25. Try something new. Branch out and try your hand at something that you have never done or said before.


26. Keep a positive mind frame. Having a positive mind frame means that we are looking at life as though it is generally good and that people are generally caring. Do not assume the worse, but expect the best!


27. Roll with resistance. Tough times will come, that is for sure. But instead of fighting against them, use them as moment to move you into a new direction.


28. Use your imagination. Get creative with yourself and with your life. Imagine what life will be like when you have achieved your goals.


29. Dream. Do not be afraid to let you mind race with all your wishes and dreams. Dreams fuel positive forward movement. And they provide hope, the great motivator.


30. Be what you want. Pretend that you are the person you want to be, how would they act, what would they do? Then do it. See how it feels, you might just find out that you like it!


31. Release the use of don’t, not, and no. Focus on can, will, and yes. Negative begets negative and positive begets positive. Simple principle with life changing results.


32. Grow your thoughts. Sometimes thoughts just need some time and the right nutrients, just like seeds, to grow into something wonderful. Keep a journal of your thoughts and add to them daily.


33. Search where it is working now. Look for areas in your life that are turning into your goal or dream. Find what is making that happen, then try to duplicate it in other areas.


34. Take notes. Put a notepad and pencil by your bed. As you hit the sack, write down all the thoughts that are running through you mind. Leave you mind refreshed for the night and ready to receive a new day the next morning.


35. Dream with a partner. This can be a life partner, a soul mate, or just friend. Share your dream with someone else.


36. Externalize. Look at problem areas from many different angles. Think like the problem is a pebble in your hand and you are investigating it. What does it feel like, look like, weigh, smell like etc.?


37. Write your own autobiography. Perhaps not word for word, but outline what your life has included this far. What have you accomplished? What have been your greatest challenges? Successes?


38. Accept yourself. You are probably your worst critic. If you want others to accept you, you must first accept yourself. Strengths and weaknesses both.


39. Focus on what you can control. If something is weighing you down, think about it and see if there is actually anything you can do to change it. If not, then let it go and move onto something else.


40. Know your limits. You can not do everything, be everywhere and please everyone. You are just one person, know when to rest, when to work, and when to have fun.


41. Look at failures as learning experiences. Reframe failures as events to learn from, as times to grow and mature.


42. Build your “house”. Go introspective and see what is on the base of your core beliefs and values. These guide your life.


43. Map out short term goals. Even short term goals need a path. Having a direction enables you to concentrate on allowing the good the happen, not trying to produce the good for yourself.


44. Map out long term goals. Be clear on how you want to get from point A to point Z. The more prepared you are to be successful, the successful you will become.


45. Absorb the good from around you. Allow other’s positive attitudes and joy rub off on you. Be happy with other who are happy. It’s a very contagious cycle.


46. Deflect the negative from around you. Let the negative thoughts and feelings that this world produces glance off of you like pebbles off of chainmail.


47. Share the joy. Become an infectious person, infecting everyone you come into contact with with the joy you have inside.


48. Surround yourself with success. Success breads success. Being around successful people or having an attitude of success will bread success in your own life.


49. Leave yourself inspiration messages. Use white board markers on mirrors or use computer print outs to post mini-posters around your house.


50. Live it one day at a time. The only moment that we can control is the moment that we are in. Accept it and enjoy it, and just maybe you will enjoy the next one too!

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