10 INSANE Space Discoveries 2020 (Pt. 1)

Space discoveries in 2020 have come a very far way but have much to go. From Nasa to Spacex, many different companies have been pushing for new space discoveries in 2020.

Tenth Place: Arrokoth

We’ll be kicking off our list with the discovery and flight of Arrokoth, the most distant object explored up close in our system. In 2016, the New Horizons probe reached Pluto and took the first pictures of it when it flew over the planet.

Ninth Place: The Cosmic Wave

To understand this fantastic discovery, first, we have to understand a bit about how space and our universe works. Every galaxy in the observable universe is a small dot or landmark on a long line of gas known as the cosmic web.

Eighth Place: Teegarden’s Star habitable planets

In June 2019, researchers reported that they had found two Earth-like exoplanets circling a red dwarf known as Teegarden’s Star, which lies only 12.5 light-years from Earth.

Sixth Place: The Heliopause

We know all about our atmosphere, magnetosphere, asteroids, comets, and all kinds of objects that come in contact with the earth and get promptly disintegrated by these protective fields.

Fifth Place: Orphaned Planet

If you know a little bit about stars and their lives, you might know that when a star runs out of fuel and collapses, it might become a white dwarf, which is the crystalline corpse of a star.

Fourth Place: Solar Tsunamis

Tsunamis are never good news, and tsunamis in the Sun are definitely not good news either, while still sounding like an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

Third Place: Mid-mass Black Hole

Whenever something nears a black hole, it’s difficult to really get out of its gravitational pull.

Second Place: Baby Black Holes

Black Holes are without a doubt space’s most terrifying objects. In March 2019, some Japanese astronomers wanted to search baby pictures of the universe by pointing their telescope to a corner of space around 13 billion light-years away.

First Place: Real-life Tatooine

If you’ve watched Star Wars, you probably remember the planet Tatooine fondly. Thanks to help from NASA’s transiting exoplanet survey satellite, NASA was able to find a strange exoplanet in a three-star system in our galaxy.

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